The Holy Spirit

The Nature of the Holy Spirit

Many are confused how to define the Holy Spirit. Is it God's spirit? But than who is the God Father? He is a spirit too, as well as Jesus is a spirit. So who exactly stands in the Bride position to Jesus in the spirit world? It's the Church; the good spirits in the spirit world, who following Jesus come to assist us on earth.

The good spirits in the spirit world in the role of the Holy Spirit

That's why The Divine Principle explains,
"Spirits act on behalf of the Holy Spirit, guiding people on the earth to accomplish the Will of God." Resurrection
"How do spirits help people on earth fulfill the Will of God? When people become receptive to spirits through prayer or other spiritual activities, the spirits descend to them to form a common base with their spirit selves and work with them. Spirits perform various works. For example, they pour spiritual fire on earthly people and give them the power to heal diseases. They help people enter states of trance and perceive the realities of the spirit world. They give people revelations and the gift of prophecy. They can also give deep inspiration to the soul. In these various works, spirits act on behalf of the Holy Spirit, guiding people on the earth to accomplish the Will of God." Resurrection

The Holy Spirit abides within a Perfected Person of Divine Nature

"A person who has perfected his individual character becomes a temple of God, and the Holy Spirit abides within him. Living in oneness with God, he acquires a divine nature. Thus, it is impossible for him to commit sin or to fall." ESCHATOLOGY

Jesus and the Holy Spirit are the Spiritual True Parents

"Jesus and the Holy Spirit are the True Parents who came to give rebirth to humanity in place of Adam and Eve.[61] Therefore, in this prophecy from Matthew, the sun and moon represent Jesus and the Holy Spirit, while the stars represent the faithful believers who are their children. Elsewhere, Jesus is likened to the true light because he came as the incarnation of the Word and shone forth the light of truth.[62] Here, the sunlight means the light of the words of Jesus, and the moonlight means the light of the Holy Spirit, who came as the Spirit of truth.[63]

For the sun to be darkened and the moon to lose its light means that the New Testament Word given by Jesus and the Holy Spirit will lose its luster. How can the Word as revealed in the New Testament possibly lose its light? The Old Testament Word was eclipsed when Jesus and the Holy Spirit came and gave us the New Testament Word, which fulfilled the Old Testament Word." ESCHATOLOGY

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