STF Internal Guidance: Satan loves "Excuse philosophy"

Internal Guidance:
 Internal guidance on the actual meaning of Foundation of Faith - Based on The Divine Principle and The Formula Course given by True Father. 

By YuliUTS / 2006 / Unification Research

Question: Is full cognitive, logical understanding of truth a necessity for full spiritual maturity?

As I explained in the article, LEVELS OF UNDERSTANDING GOD'S WORD, the intellectual understanding of the truth is only the Formation Stage. (See the Chart) 

Intellectual understanding is only the Formation Stage (Child level). But it is the foundation for the next levels of growth. No correct foundation, not growing the right direction.

"The Divine Principle is not simply an intellectual thing. The Principle teaches the way to perfection, but those who cannot fathom it spiritually do not understand." 
Our second generation are our future and our hope. I saw how with the correct guidance on the practical application of the Truth, they grow much faster and achieve much more then us, the first gen. I could see spiritually how much good spirit world is mobilized to support them. Think of God's Heart, expecting us to guide them correctly. So here I will point few deviations from the truth, where Satan could trap us. 

Satan loves "Excuse philosophy"
Yes, Satan has millions of tricks to deviate us from studying and teaching the truth, Jesus explained in a spiritual message. 
Especially in mission, FR and in WT even more, faced with difficulties young members can easily develop failure mentality. In such case of failure, soon they will accept bunch of satanic slogans, that they love to repeat and spread. Slogans that completely block their spiritual growth and practical understanding of the Truth. Slogans like, "Results don't matter," "Externally was bad, but internally was good," "Don't have expectations," "Don't compare," "Oh, I don't want to be told the truth, I want to find my own truth." 

Notice that all these slogans aim one and the same thing, to excuse failure in bringing results for God's providence. We can rightfully call them, "Excuse philosophy." This is the Fallen Nature in action, trying to shat up our Conscience. The result is not only blocking one's spiritual development, but making him an instrument of satanic propaganda - multiplying Satan's 'false truths." 

1. Satanic lie: "Results don't matter"

First Blessing of achieving Mind/Body unity is to become people of character, who can bring actual results in liberating God and humanity. 

Basic Principle teaching is the one of the connections of Cause and Result. No results, means no cause to bring them. Meaning no correct investment that God can accept. Meaning, no actual mind and body unity achieved in your efforts. 

Satan will do anything to block you from realizing that you can learn God's principles in action, if you start observing carefully what causes, bring what results. This is when you will realize the power of the Principle; it's practical applications; and the power it gives you to overthrow satan's dominion in your life. 

If you understand this principle, you can be always victorious over Satan. Even in a day of failure to bring results, if you recognize the cause of that, you'll know how to win next time. So even your failures will turn into victories over Satan. Amazing! 

"Jesus answered him, “If anyone loves me, he will keep my word, and my Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our home with him." John 14:23

Truth: Become a person who brings Results

Foundation of Faith is not just for you to develop faith in God. The opposite. It is most of all for God to be able to trust you. To prove that you're stabile. You can win over Satan. As Divine Principle put it, "Symbolic Condition, to qualify for the Foundation of Substance." 

That's why DP explains, you have to put the offering of all things (Your Result) in the position of your Abel. Only this way, you as a Cain, can be restored to God. Furthermore, only by making an offering the people you met have condition for them and their ancestors to be claimed by God. And most of all, only by becoming person who brings results, your individual goal of 'perfecting your character' is being fulfilled. 

The Principle is very clear; Invest for the Purpose of the Whole to fulfill your Individual Purpose. You sacrifice to restore all things (for building KOH - Internal Goal) to make spiritual condition for your own restoration (perfecting yourself - Result). Until when, people who don't know DP will lure our Second Generation? How long we will allow these satanic lies to be perpetuated among our membership? 

2. Satanic lie: "Externally was bad, but internally was good"

Basic Principle teaching is that External reflects the Internal. What kind of Mind/Body disunity is this, to claim that Internally you achieved something, while the External result reflects nothing of that? Of course, by "Internally was good," here they have in mind that they were spacing out, focusing on their own selfish happiness, neglecting God's work. Naturally the bad results reflected their "External," very selfish state of mind. 

What is the real meaning of "Internally good?" Internally good in Fundraising is when you feel like flying. When your spiritual resonance is so high, that nearly everyone is touched, so your results skyrocket. That's a "internally good" day. 

Because of your high level of Mind and Body unity, God and the good spirit world can work freely through you. Your love and spiritual sensibility become so high, that you feel where people gonna buy. Your spirit mind works so freely, without your physical mind messing up, that no matter what you say and do, it is always right. 

And when you look back on what high results you've achieved that day, you realize that God was the one working through you. That's why the results went beyond what your mind ever thought possible. Meaning, you are stretching your limited physical mind perceptions, to start believing more what comes from your spirit mind, which is constantly connected with God and knows everything. 

The very purpose of Foundation of Faith is to experience this state of mind numerous times, until it becomes your habit, your natural state of living in oneness with your Heavenly Parent. Read, FEEL GOD WITH EACH OF YOUR CELLS

3. Satanic lie, "Don't have expectations"

Expectations, means keeping faith in the end good result. If you set high goal, you get more attacks. Failure minded people would rightly say, "Each time I set a high goal I have a bad day with no result." That's because they have failed. But instead of repenting and overcoming next time, they now accepted the satanic excuse philosophy, "Don't have expectations."

If you know the Principle you can turn Satan's attacks around into contributing to your victory. How? Learn the principle. High goals need more indemnity, so the moment you feel more difficult you say, "Wow, how wonderful, that will help me make faster the indemnity for this result." With this attitude you get even more inspired when facing difficulties. The end result, Satan becomes powerless. The more he attacks, the more he helps you. So he will have to give up and run away.

Truth: Pay the Indemnity, Results will come! 

I love to tell the story when I experienced the amazing power of that principle. Leader gave us very high goal. That day I had nearly nothing as a result. Approaching my last restaurant I asked God for any indemnity but make my whole daily goal there. When I entered it was a mafia party. The grab me, curs me, spit on me, even put a gun on my head. Meanwhile their wives where watching the pictures and coming one by one to ask me, "how much for those." I was staffing the money in my pockets, grateful that their husband were so busy of offending me, so they don't even notice. At the end, the boss shouted, "Run away or I will shoot you." That's all I wanted. But my daily goal was more than fulfilled. Pay the Indemnity, Results will come! 

The practical result of being in God’s presence is joy... especially during trials, for “the joy of the Lord shall be your strength” (Nehemiah 8:10). James, the Lord’s brother, writes, “Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds” (James 1:2)

4. Satan's lie, "Don't compare"

Each time I hear this one, immediately True Father's words come in my mind. Father said, talking to MFT, that if you want to become the best, you should always compare yourself with the best. Listen carefully their testimonies. Ask them to learn how they achieved their high results. 

Where the "Don't compare" philosophy comes from? In the Western Humanistic society schools brainwash children not to compare, so that they don't get offended. Yes, they train the youth for failure mentality. This is so self-centered way of thinking that makes me sick. But well, you have now even many members and 2-nd Gen brainwashed with this humanism to the core of their bones. 

The conclusion of that is, that even if intellectually people can think that they believe the Principle, in the practical way of application in life, they may go completely against the Principle teachings. 

Let's be serious here. What spiritual level is that? Formation? No! That's way below the formation stage of knowing the Truth. Can you realize God's painful heart when He looks at such miserable level of our membership? Can you realize the pain the good members have to undergo, constantly being bombarded by these false reasoning of the failure-type, humanistic members? 

5. Satan's lie, "Oh, I want to find my own truth"

It took thousands of years of painful history for God to raise one person who understands and embodies the Truth. It's more than a joke to think we don't need to hear it from him. How can you say, "Oh, I don't want to be told the truth, I want to find my own truth." This is Satan talking in your mind his evil stupidities. 

I watched years of mad ignorance. Leaders saying, "Oh, I don't know the Principle, but doesn't matter," or, "Don't study Divine Principle, because it will deviate you from your FR mission." What?!!! 

What is the mission? Embody the Truth! How to embody it if you don't study it? Impossible! Yes, Jesus is right, Satan will do anything to prevent you from studying and teaching the truth. And Jesus concluded explaining that the biggest sin of UC leadership is not to teach the truth. How much bigger sin, in this case, is to teach a false, satanic, humanistic truths? Read, the Sin of Not Studying the Principle. 

Satan's lie: "Investment never lost"

Yes, Investment is never lost. It can just go to Satan if we fail. Sadly, DP is full of examples of all the toil and investment being lost in the last minute. It will be more correct to say, "Victory (successful investment) never lost." True Father often warned us in his speeches that no matter how much we invested, it can be all lost in a second, if we fail. 

We can give thousands of examples. But what I want to clarify here is the reason immature STF members (even leaders) hold to that unprincipled slogan. Exactly to excuse failure, or to humanistically comfort those who failed. But the result is, this hinders them from taking responsibility for their failure. It prevents them from learning from their failure, so that next time they do succeed. Satan is such a lier. Don't succumb to his lies. Please learn the Principle way. 


In the ideal world, the Formation stage is Parent's responsibility, so kids learn naturally the correct way of life (embodiment). Their beliefs and concepts will automatically become aligned with God's Truth, without much reasoning. They experience the true norms and way of doing things from the environment. Meaning, they will learn naturally, without noticing, just as a child learns to speak and walk. 

In the restoration process, however, where we come from fallen families, that is not the case. All members came from different family backgrounds with many strings to Satanic way of thinking, believing, and acting. Naturally, the beliefs and way of living differ among all members. That makes complete unity impossible until we all align 100% with God's Truth. This however is so difficult, precisely because the wrong ways are so embodied in us, that we even don't notice them. That's why the tradition of HDH is so important. 
"According to the principle of of creation, man.. was made to be perfected by believing in God's words and practicing them, as his own portion of responsibility." DP, Resurrection
According to the Principle restoration (Coming out of Ignorance) is led with the Truth. Satanic invaded people say, "Oh, I don't need to study the truth so that I can practice it." And they go freely practicing just the opposite of the truth. I saw this again and again while working with young people in STF. See, THE SIN OF NOT STUDYING THE PRINCIPLE

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