Feel God's Existence With Each of Your Cells

Feel God With Each Of Your Cells
"Because God exists, you must be able to feel His existence with your cells. Reaching that state is what matters." Sun Myung Moon

By Rev. Yulian UTS / Spiritual Guidance

QUESTION: How can you find energy to unite your Mind and Body (SS & HS)? Can you do it through self-discipline alone or ....?

Rev. Moon has a great speech on uniting your mind and body. He explains the two ways; Disciplining the Body, or Elevating the Spirit. When your spirit is down... no spiritual power... use Physical conditions. When your spirit is stronger, use Spiritual conditions. Yet, in his words it is very clear, "Only true love can bring mind and body unity." (See the chart)

When your spirit is at the Completion Stage, able to give true love, you don't need conditions. God works freely and powerfully through you. As Father Moon said, "because God exists, you must be able to feel His existence with your cells. Reaching that state is what matters."

Rev Sun Myung Moon explained, "You have millions of individual cells in your body, like employees of a company. Every cell sends waves to which all nature responds. Whatever wave you send is how nature will echo you."

When I enter spiritually in the body, I can go and observe on energy level or deeper on the spiritual level, where I see a vast universe with many gathering places for spirits and the influence they exert with their particular level of soul energy.

There is a vast world inside of us. This is the most detailed model of a human cell to date, obtained using x-ray (nuclear magnetic resonance and cryoelectron microscopy). 

You cannot just naively believe that all this complex factory observed in the cells exists without God's constant presence in our life. God is part of each particle of our existence. And each particle is created to be sensitive to God's love. Or as Rev. Moon said,

"Mind exists throughout your body, with not even one cell within your body where it is not present. The same is true for God." Sun Myung Moon


The Pulling Force of God's Love

When mind and body are united you automatically experience these things. Faith and conditions are only to reach that state, where God lives and acts through you freely. Once you are there, no religion is needed and no sin is possible.

As Father Moon put it,  

"We can feel God’s life pulsating and the harmony of His love... you will feel God’s heart in front of you... It will pull you forward all the time." CSG, 557
I experienced this powerful presence of God thirty years ago, when I first prayed asking him to enter my heart. Suddenly the ceiling opened and an amazing light filled up the whole room. In God's powerful presence I was overwhelmed by the most beautiful and loving feeling ever imaginable; I could see my whole life in seconds. I felt this light with all my existence, just as Father wrote:
"The perfection of the universe must bring joy to the internal you... Both your mind and your body must rejoice... Your cells... must all rejoice." 
Yet, at the same time I felt God's enormous pain, all the betrayals we did towards him. I shouted for forgiveness and in that moment this powerful light entered my chests. It was like a powerful electro-magnetic field emanating from my heart and spreading nearly a meter around me. This supernatural Light was Imparted to my soul and I was completely overwhelmed by its spiritual power of love and peace. Read my testimony, "Share God's Heart".

That's why the Divine Principle explains:
"When earthly man forms a reciprocal base... through prayer and other spiritual activities... the spirit men pour out spiritual fire on earthly men, give them the power to heal diseases, and help them do many mighty works. More than that, they enable earthly men to see many facts in the spirit world in a state of trance, give them the gift of prophecy, and inspire them spiritually. Through such activities, substituting for the Holy Spirit, they cooperate with earthly men to fulfill the will of God." DP - Resurrection

Ask God to allow you feel his heart even now while you are reading this article. Pray that you can come to improve your prayers and living relationship with him. Sincerely tell him, how you want to learn to love your spouse, your children, your parents and neighbours with His love; To see them with His eyes. Remember, your experience God, when you allow His love flowing through you to others. This is a simple Principle truth that Reverend Sun Myung Moon discovered. 

When we experience oneness with God?

How much are you aware of God’s existence? How many times in a day do you feel God’s presence?

In the article, "Free your Spirit Mind," I explained that unity of Mind and Body is actually achieved when our Spirit Mind matures to be Subject over our Physical Mind. 
"When the physical mind responds to desires of the spirit mind, the physical man acts in accordance with the purpose of the spirit mind. Then the physical man receives the living spirit element from the spirit man. This brings good feelings and energy to the spirit man.. Wholesome vitality element influence it to grow normally, in the direction of goodness." DP
The easiest way to achieve that is to calm down your physical mind; calm down your brain and thinking. For me it is so simple as to just tune to another, more peaceful, more calm, spiritual vibrations. In that state my spiritual mind takes over. I'm more alert, more aware, yet in very peaceful and loving state. At that point I can pray and communicate with God, heal, receive answers or visualize and create new realities.

When we set our Spirit Mind as a subject our Original Nature is active, so we are naturally guided by God and the good spirit world. (See, Structure of the Human Mind) If you didn't realize how that works in your own life, you didn't even step on the life of true faith. When our Physical Mind reverses dominion we cannot function properly, because we are disconnected from God. Who cares if you have conceptual faith. A Physical Mind person is always enemy of his spirit, thus enemy of God. 

The other way to reach that state is by pushing your body to the limit. I wrote in another article of such experiences. (1) During Fundraising, pushing my body until I reach the point when I feel like flying. My spiritual resonance gets so high, that nearly everyone is touched and results skyrocket. 

Reaching that high level of Mind and Body unity, God and the good spirit world can work freely through me. It's such an amazing feeling. Look back on what high results I cannot but realize that God was the one working through me. That's why the results went beyond what my mind ever thought possible. This way we are stretching our limited physical mind perceptions, to start believing what comes from our spirit mind, which is constantly connected with God and knows everything. In these moments I felt God so substantially present in my life. 

God works through the Spiritual Mind / Satan works through the Physical Mind
Sp.M. - Internal, LFSO, senses God and Spirit world, Knows Truth...
Ph.M. - External, Self preservation, no sense of Truth and God...

We Cannot Exist Apart from God

As The Divine Principle explains, "we are created in such a way that we cannot live apart from God". How miserable we are living without God. 
"If we are created in such a way that we cannot live apart from God, then surely our ignorance of God consigns us to walk miserable paths." DP, Introduction
This new revelation, uncovered for us by Rev. Sun Myung Moon, reveals the Heart of God, as it was never revealed before:
"Though we may diligently study the Bible, can we really say that we know clearly the reality of God? Can we ever grasp the Heart of God? The new expression of truth should be able to reveal the Heart of God: His heart of joy at the time of creation; the broken heart He felt when humankind, His children whom He could not abandon, rebelled against Him; and His heart of striving to save them throughout the long course of history." 
This New Revelation Reveals our true life purpose in life. (1) reach individual perfection, (2) create perfect family, and (3) become owner of love over the creation. 

1. We are God's Dwelling Place - God's Temple

We should experience the Heart of God as our own. Understand His Will and live fully attuned to it.

According to Rev. Moon's revelation, our "mind and body are discrete projections and object partners of God's dual characteristics." So, "In order for an individual to perfect his character... his mind and body (should) become one through give and take action with God as their center." 

Such individuals, the Divine Principle explains, "become the temples of God, achieve complete oneness with Him, and acquire a divine nature. They experience the Heart of God as if it were their own. Hence, they understand His Will and live fully attuned to it." 
"When a person abides in the state of individual perfection, he lives as the substantial object partner to his mind. Because the center of his mind is God, he also lives as the substantial object partner to God. Both the mind and God rejoice as they experience their internal nature and external form through the stimulation which their object partners give them. Accordingly, when people realize God's first blessing, they become God's beloved who inspire Him with joy. Sharing all the feelings of God as their own, they would never commit any sinful acts that would cause God grief. This means they would never fall." Principle of Creation

God is at the center of your heart

As I wrote previously, "Human beings are endowed with emotional sensitivity to the Heart of God.. so that after his perfection, he could breath God’s love perfectly.." ( Divine Principle p. 80 ) It isn’t so much that God isn’t making himself known, it’s that we haven’t yet tuned to his frequency to recognize his voice or his fingerprints in the simple realities around us. See, OUR EMOTIONAL SENSITIVITY TO GOD'S HEART
"We can experience God’s feelings, since love has the power to let us feel God’s original heart as He created the universe." Sun Myung Moon
As we know from the Unification Thought, our Heart is the essence and the center of our Spirit Mind, where God dwells. That is why Father Moon says, we should learn to talk to our inner self; talk to our hearts. As he wrote:
“God is at the center of your heart… God is the root of love.. we cannot feel Him.. because He and we are one. He is one with love.. to manifest God, you have to spread your love in all four directions.” CSG Book 1. God p.28
Purpose of Restoration: Evil Mind (Physical mind is Subject) / Original Mind (Spirit Mind is Subject) - Restored as a True Person

Spiritual sensibility is to be developed on earth

Ask God to help you be a living example of his truth with your own life. Pray that He will reveal to you the vibrations in your life that our out of tune.

Our spirit grows in the physical body. If our spirit sensibility is not developed on earth we will be blind once we go in the spirit world. 

"The sensibility of our spirit man is to be cultivated.. during physical life on earth.. Only when a person reaches perfection and is totally immersed in the love of God while on earth can he fully delight in the love of God as a spirit after his death." DP Creation p.49

Once our spirit matures we start sensing God and gradually learn to understand His Heart and respond to Him. In that state, DP explains, we start to feel the spiritual phenomena with our physical senses. 

“When.. the spirit man becomes a divine spirit.. the spirit man can feel and perceive everything in the invisible world. Since all the spiritual phenomena thus perceived by the spirit man are reflected and echoed in the physical man, presenting themselves as physical phenomena, man finally comes to feel spiritual phenomena even with his five physical senses.” DP 62: Structure of the Spirit Man

I understood that quote only when I have experienced it. I will avoid giving examples for now, just because without experiencing yourself it will seem to you as a fiction. For many is difficult to grasp how I can receive answers and know things without even opening my spirit senses. But read Rev. Moon's guidance on studying frequency and you'll understand.  

Feeling God is our natural state

It isn’t so much that God isn’t making himself known, it’s that we haven’t yet tuned to his frequency to recognize his voice or his fingerprints in the simple realities around us.
"The motions in the spirit world are all made up of vibrations... discover the frequency of vibrations used by spiritualists when they contact the spirit world." Rev. Moon's Instructions
As you can hear the difference in a piano that was out of tune to one that was in tune, you can sense the hearts of people around you. Sometimes a subtle difference in the vibrational energy. Yet, you'll definitely be able to distinguish between energy of joy, love, pain or sorrow, emanating from their hearts. 

In the same way, God wants our hearts in tune with His. As we read the Divine Principle, cover to cover 100 times, understand more about our Heavenly Parent's Heart, and become more and more in tuned to it, our lives can become a melody that sounds like our Heavenly Father. Then you'll experience what is to be God's temple. That's why Father Moon said:
"Make yourself a tuning fork, resonating with and vibrating along God’s frequency. Resonate with God’s unselfishness." - Father On Spiritual Help
Just remember, DP talks of this as our natural state - to feel God's Truth freely, without effort. Same as in the spirit world, the moment we ask a question the answer is coming. Will your physical mind allow your spirit mind to convey it, is another matter, depending on your level of growth. I explained in detail how we growth spiritually in the article Frequency of Growth.
"God may be on a higher plane, if you call out to Him with a heart of love, "God!" He will respond to you in your heart, "What?" You then ask Him, "Where are you?" and He replies... "I am in the core of your heart." Sun Myung Moon

You will naturally get to know everything

As Father Moon wrote, "you enter the stage where you have experiences... In this stage you enter the spirit world and have various experiences all day long; you get connected to a far-off world. You can reach the limits of a state where you feel God in your daily life." (CSG, p.618)
"Once they enter such a state of being, they will be able to converse with their mind. They will be able to hold a conversation with their mind. As soon as they think of doing something, the answer will already be right in front of them.. everything will aid them. Only then would they be able to do great things." CSG

"As you begin to mobilize the spiritual world through prayer, you'll find great excitement," Heung Jin Nim said in his message from the spirit world, "You'll find great pleasure and joy working in the spiritual realm. You will begin to recognize the laws of heaven."  But "When you are praying for a person," he added, "the most important thing is love; that person should spiritually be able to feel how much you love him." And as Father Moon repeatedly said, only true love can bring mind and body unity, and unity among people. 

"It is because everything was created according to the pair system in order to relate to God’s love. True love is bound to resonate. When you are within the realm of true love, you would feel God’s internal and external worlds. As such, without being taught you will naturally get to know everything there is to know about the spirit world and God." Sun Myung Moon

Develop your spiritual sensibility 

People live in darkness in the world beyond, because their "spiritual senses never having been developed. Believers without such experiences cannot be trusted.

"Unless your faith is based on such experiences," Rev. Moon explained, "you cannot apply the resultant realm of God’s great will to the field or sphere of your daily life. Therefore, believers without such experiences cannot be trusted. Faith based on such experiences is important." (CSG, p.618)

In the spirit world, that will be even bigger problem for them. People live in darkness in the world beyond, because their "spiritual senses never having been developed on earth made them alike insensible."
"All was so dark in this place.. due to the almost total blindness of these poor spirits, whose spiritual senses never having been developed on earth." A WANDERER IN THE SPIRIT LANDS
The Divine Principle is clear that without developing our spiritual sensitivity while on earth we cannot feel God in the eternal world. 

“The sensibility of our spirit man is to be cultivated through its reciprocal relationship with our physical man during physical life on earth." (DP 62) Only then we can breathe God's love perfectly.
"Man was made so that after his perfection, he could breath God’s love perfectly. If a spirit man is unable to breathe this love perfectly, because of his sinful conduct, he feels pain when standing before God..” DP 63: Principle of Creation
Satan works through the Physical Body (infested with evil spirits), pushing the Physical Mind always against the Spirit Mind. In that state we are separated from God. Your spirit cannot grow. God cannot work.


What was God's Ideal?

"The air in the spirit world is love. Love is the essence of life. In that world, you do not just breathe through your nostrils but also through the top of your head and through all your cells." Sun Myung Moon, CSG p.409

Adam and Eve were supposed to grow to maturity and reach that level of perfection before God could Bless them to create a perfect family filled with true love. At that point God's love could be expressed in all its splendid forms; as Children's love, Sibling's love, Conjugal love, and Parental love. Think of how beautiful and joyful world their descendants would have created. 

What went wrong?

There was only one thing that could go wrong. That is, if they tasted the fruit of sexual love before reaching that maturity. Only love is created to have bigger power than their conscience. Only false love could deviate them from God's ideal

You understand now why God told them not to touch this forbidden fruit? (See,  THE HUMAN FALL) The fruits of immature sexual love were immature descendants. Not perfected to dominate the creation and the angels, now they have become servants to the Fallen Angels. And their way to perfection was blocked. 
"What is the Fall? What are fallen children? Fallen children cannot deeply feel God as their Father." Sun Myung Moon
You see now, how Lucifer, who seduced Eve sexually (a pedophile act) became the false master of humanity, a false god and a false father. All consequent generations were his temples. Humanity became of Satan's lineage. Separated from God. Instead, we became enemies of God. Love became not only immature but selfish and perverted. See the broken hearts, the divorces, see the free sex culture, see the prostitution, pedophilia. See, HISTORY OF CANAANITE SATANISM

What else do you expect to see in a world without true love? Look at all the corruption, crimes, and wars in the world's history. They never end! Until we are not restored as God's children, that history of evil will never end. Think of God's painful situation. As Father Moon wrote of God's sorrow, 
"I feel God’s heart flowing from my heart as in tears I embrace a thousand years of history on this earth, embracing the lost sorrow." CSG, p.160
How to restore that?

In that immature state, where their spiritual mind is subjugated by the physical mind, people are unable to feel God. Why? Because the physical mind has no sensibility for God, only our spiritual mind does. Thus fallen people can never bring restoration. History was to restore a child that does not have all that lineage tie with Satan. A child that could grow it's spirit normally and reach God, opening the way for the rest of humanity. 

Finally, after thousands of years of indemnity, Jesus came as the second Adam. Why? To fulfill what the first Adam failed. (Read, THE MESSIAH) Grow to individual perfection; Mind and Body united with God. Then find a prepared woman and restore her as God's temple, so that they can create the first true family and restore God's lineage. 

As the Principle says, one cannot reach perfection alone, man needs a woman. Their unity in true love reflects God's perfect unity. 
"The man is the yang (plus) image of God, and the woman the yin (minus) image of God... together would be like wrapping heaven and earth... (and) can feel God’s ideal heart of love." CSG, p.478
Once the first perfect family appears, the rest of humanity should have been engrafted into that free of Satanic accusation lineage. When all people are separated from Satan, he will have no objects to perpetuate his evil on earth. Read, The Meaning of the Last Days

Why the Bible says that the Last Adam will achieve that? Because Jesus was not accepted and was killed before creating a family, God's lineage was not established on earth. True Parents did not appear at that time. Thus 2000 years were now needed to indemnify the 2000 years from Abraham to Jesus, now taken by Satan. Only then a Third Adam can be born and as Jesus promised in Revelation, "To him I will give my mission and he will restore the world with his word of Truth." (paraphrasing from the Bible). 

Thus Jesus appeared spiritually to a young boy in 1935 and called him to finish his mission. His name is Moon Sun Myong. The name of that boy was just as the Bible predicted - "God's Word". The characters forming the word 'Moon' have the exact meaning of "God's Word given to men." See, Jesus's Message from Spirit World testifying that he is working with this Korean Peacemaker

Probably this is the reason why Nostradamus had to predict that the Messiah will return with the name "Moon". See the prophecy

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