How Real and Evil is Satanism Today

How Real is Satanism Today
Satanic societies exist today, and they thrive on secrecy

In the book, "Messages from the Spirit World 2", Dr. Sang Hun Lee depicted Lucifer's organization on earth as a vast and so complex network, that even Lucifer himself will not be able to dismantle.

In the previous CIG Report, THE SOUND OF FREEDOM, we discussed the signs of the collapse of this satanic sovereignty. But now someone raised the question, "Does Satanism exist? And if it does, what it is? It appeared that many have the false believe that this is long gone, or if there is, it is naïve, disorganized, not even evil. But that's so far from the truth. 

Just look at the movie and entertainment industry: Disney Illuminati Satanism and Sex Symbols

Dr. Lee speaks of a substantial network of evil on earth, sophisticated for 1000s of years. A whole network of organizations and structures working on earth under Lucifer. And after Lucifer stepped down in 1999, under the remained Demonic generals. If we open our eyes and ears we cannot even avoid seeing it.
  • 80% of the Churches found to have hidden occult alters for satanic ritual sacrifices
  • 4 million officially registered Satanists in US alone
  • Elementary Schools carry "After School Satan Clubs" 
  • Satanism becoming the only religion allowed in the Mass Media and the entertainment.
  • 70 to 80 million are born in the Illuminati bloodline, worshiping Lucifer
Yes, some Elementary Schools in US are now promoting an "After School Satan Club" with Satanic Witches in charge. Meanwhile the UC Pastor in London, who is a Mason or something (in his words, "Leader of Secret Organization"), is in rush to manipulate us that Satanism does not exist. Of course, as a leader of a secret organization, who infiltrated the Unification Church, obviously his job is to keep the Satanic narrative, and keep us ignorant, even if he has to deny all Father's words and Unificationist believes, as he skillfully does. 

"Among the many secret organizations within the Illuminati, the Freemasons are considered to be one of the most powerful." Documentary

The founder of the Church of Satan, Albert Pike, addressing the 23 Supreme Councils of the world: 

„To you, Sovereign Grand Instructors... of the 32nd, 31st and 30th degrees: ‘the Masonic Religion should be, by all of us initiates of the high degrees, maintained in the purity of the Luciferian Doctrine. . .“

Satanism exists and is surrounding us, even controlling all social areas of our lives. It creeps into movies, songs, politics and legislation. The founder of these After School Satan classes is Daug Mesner (known as Lucien Greaves), the co-founder of the Satanic Temple. 

"Satanism is about rebelling against God and selling their soul to Satan and his demons, who grant them certain powers."

It's a fact, in US alone there are 4 million officially registered Satanists. But this false UC pastor, skillfully used manipulation to prevent any of DP or TF's explanations, any of these spiritual messages or real facts on the reality and evilness of Satanism to be heard. Instead he was claiming that this is very innocent and nothing organized. Is it really? It's time to come out of this 'Ignorance.' It's time to reveal these trolls even in our own movement. 

COMMENTS: "Of course they exist... absolutely." "Satan rules this world, and he does have devotees who worship him."

How Real and Evil is Satanism Today

"Saul was punished because his failure to act as instructed allowed the invasion of the heavenly nation by the worship of gentile gods and by all their adulterous customs." CSG, 121 

Raised in the Illuminati cult, with pseudonym ‘Svali’ describes a sadistic cult led by the richest and most powerful people in the world. It is largely homosexual and practices pedophilia, animal sacrifice, and ritual murder. Their secret organization comprising one percent of the population that has infiltrated all social institutions and is covertly preparing a military takeover. It works “hand in glove” with the CIA and Freemasonry. It controls the world traffic in drugs, guns, pornography, and prostitution. (Radio Interview)

Despite the explanation of the sexual, pedophile nature of the Human Fall, are we failing to grasp that Free Sex, Homosexuality and Transgender are Satanic practices and core of their main agenda. 

Now they claim, "children should be exposed to adult genitalia to prepare them for seeing naked trans people in locker rooms." This is all a Satanic agenda. They reverse everything against God's ideal. "It's ani-human, anti-God, and anti-life. The purpose is to confuse individuals on what love actually is." That's why Satanists were changing the sex of their own children for generations, and depicting their god, Baal as transgender. Pedophilia was always central part of their Satanic rituals. 

"Kids don't need drag-queens reading books to them." Satanic Culture Imposed

The Satanic Temple has been charged with being a cover for a pedophile ring. After arrests in some Churches of Satan, the children have testified not only of regular sexual orgies where they are raped by the adults, but how they are pushed to participate in a ritual murder of babies. How workers of the social services bring them these babies. And how that's good, in their twisted view, because there are too many unwanted babies. 

And remember, "most trafficking is done under the guise of humanitarian help."

For example the RED CROSS came about from child trafficking orphans. Originally called Sanitary Commission. (Video) They confiscated and used orphan children as a working hand. Red Cross today is also a leader in organ trafficking. Ukrainian war, as any other, brings them hundreds of millions a day, by filling trucks with human organs, sometimes cutting up just barely wounded people, just to complete the norm. See, Ukraine Trafficking

"The totality of the children disappearing worldwide is toward 8 million annually." R.D. Steele

Video: Court hearings: CIA Agent Confesses: We Created ‘Adrenochrome Farms’ Where Millions of Kids Are Sold to VIPs. Ritual murder after few years of using them. Charity organizations attracting pedophiles and being taken and used by them. Deliberate attempt now to push interest in pedophile movies. 

"UN could have a fantastic role, but has not, because it is totally under these Oligarchic control. All of them are related with the system of the Pedophilia. We know that 8 million children disappear. That's the entire population of Austria." UN Executive Director (15:10 min)

If not eliminated this satanic lineage will invade us again

Father explained why God ordered this satanic lineage not to be spared, because "they would invade them again." "The survival of the satanic men would preserve that system" as they will continue with their evil practices. Yet "cutting off their lineage would end the system." 

We know that both, in the Old Testament and in the New Testament there was a period when Satanism invaded the chosen people. That happened in with the Jews, and repeated as a parallel with the Christianity. In both cases Satanic rituals and orgies were practiced even in the Holy of Holiest. They were practiced by the very priests and Kings, who were supposed to uphold God. Since this problem is still not uprooted, we can expect a parallel events in the Completed Testament - in our Movement.

"When a period of history repeats the events of a previous period, albeit with differences in scope and degree."  DP: Parallel providential periods

Let's take a look: After examination of the bombed churches at the end of WWII, 80%  of the churches were found to have a secret Satanic alter under the Christian one. Yes, alters in the shape of a satanic star, with channels for the blood to be drained from а pinned down child, so the satanists can drink the adrenalized fresh blood. The rituals continue with removing the face, and drilling to obtain the pineal gland. The movie "Avatar 2" nicely depicted this process and the reasons for this practice. 

"Christian churches were simply functioning as a front so that these people could do their human sacrifices in secret," former Satanists says.  (20 min)

The explanation of former satanists is that Churches and other religions are one of the main cover used by the generational satanists. This way they can blend and have influence while pretending to be Christians or of other religion. That's how religions have been infiltrated through the centuries and made powerless from inside. 

Is that still the case? Let's just look at the San Francisco Catholic Church declaring bankruptcy, because of facing 500 lawsuits for  child sexual abuse by church officials. You think is simply pedophilia? No! It's Satanism. The church high ranks have been long infiltrated. 

Karl Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin and Saddam Hussein were in the List of 33rd Degree Masons. As well as top Christian ministers: Rev. William Booth (Salvation Army), Rev. Billy Graham, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. Robert Schuller. What they have in common - behind their cover they are all worshiping Lucifer. 

For example, The Divine Principle states that "after the Second Advent... man is completely resurrected to the divine-spirit stage through the Completed Testament Word." What is the reason for most UK leaders in UC to avoid DP and Father's words. As Jesus explained in a message from the spirit world, this is the biggest crime leaders can do. They are intentionally trying to degrade our movement from inside. Why we, the members observing that, are unable to say something? Why most members are already boiled and accept that as normal? 

Yes, this is not only the case of this false UC pastor in UK. Many others, in leaders positions or in the committees are involved. You can recognize them, for they will give numerous excuses why we should not use our facilities for witnessing, just as this particular pastor did, saying, that's why we had problems in the past, and giving other well pre-meditated false excuses. Each of his arguments was ridiculous and so unprincipled. 

Ten years ago, the secret files were disclosed in my country, showing that in all Christian churches, including the new Protestant ones there are many implanted Communist Agents. Shocking - Atheists in all top ranks of most denominations. But let's not forget, this is all part of the Satanic Deep State network of control. That was when UK leaders helped place such a spy in a leadership position and kept supporting him despite all facts. I always wondered, "Why?". 

As Dr. Lee wrote, "Satan became the dominator of this world. So, the ideal world can be built when the world under the Satan's dominion is restored and completely turns into under the dominion of God." But is that happening? Are we better then the Christians of the past in removing Satan's dominion? Are we protected from being invaded from inside by such infiltrators? You can find 2 pages in CSG where Father explains how to recognize them. 

This Documentary about the Bloodlines of the Illuminati gives you glimpse into how vastly spread is the influence and control of these satanic bloodlines. 

Sub-group Given to Rule on behalf of Lucifer

As The Divine Principle explains, "Satan relates with them on the basis of his connection with them through lineage."

"The world Oligarchic system... They have the power, because they control all the people, like President, or Prime Minister, or whatever they are." UN Executive Director (15:10 min)

In the report, SPIRITUAL WARFARE: THE BATTLE WITH DARKNESS, we explained of the 13 main Illuminati bloodlines, believing themselves to be descendants of Cain, conceived directly from Lucifer's sexual act with Eve. Imagine that, they believe there are Guardians of the Galaxy that protect 'the seed of Cain'. (1) It's also a Satanic believe that the Cain lineage came from Lilith (fallen famine angel), very evil, called also Ishtar (Easter), Queen of the Dead or Jezebel. (2)

The Knights (of Malta, as Templars in the past) are the keepers of the 'Holy Seed' (The Holy Grail as they call it), which represents the blood or the seed of the Cain lineage, Jessie explains. Trying to collect that DNA of the Giants produced by the fallen angels. (3)

These are the bloodline Satanists, around 1% of humanity. That is 70 to 80 million born in this bloodline, raised to practice Satanism. They are killed if they try to escape, talk, or avoid participation. But those who succeeded to get out talk of rape, torture and participation in ritual satanic murder from the earliest age. They are even asked to either kill their first-born, or change it's gender. It's all to pervert all that God created.

"These people did not become rich an powerful and then join the Illuminati. They became rich and powerful, because they were Illuminati." Jessie

Video documentary explains, "The Blue Bloods were chosen to rule in place of the Anunnaki. They are a sub-group. They chose this group and gave them a special amount of DNA to make them more aggressive." They are the Royals and the leaders of industries we see around us, because they have the Reptilians blood. And their bloodline is all hierarchical. They were left to rule on behalf of Lucifer and his demons. You can see the reptilian imagery even in the churches. They want to capture the earth in the best way possible, and the best way is by genetic breeding. (1:04 hour)

"These are the people who became pillars of the society," Fritz explains. "With their multiple personality they could be the ideal Christian, while secretly making human sacrifices at night." 

These ruling bloodlines created all the borders and divisions in order to rule over us and make us fight each other. Jessie depicts their inner structure (Video). And as Father Moon explained:

"Since Satan has the nation, he has used it to strike heaven on the level of the individual, family, tribe, and people. Satan has constantly used a nation to block the path prepared by heaven." CSG, 195 

In this Documentary about the Royals, you can see how the truth about these Elite's satanic activities started to come out after 1999, and after 2012 the court cases started. Obviously without Lucifer's protection the fog of ignorance is collapsing. They have been involved in Satanism, Human Sacrifice and Pedophilia for generations and generations.

Satanic Structure in Direct Communication with Lucifer

Father Moon clearly said in CSG, that Satanists on earth are in real spiritual communication with the evil spirit world

Jessie was raised in the Satanic bloodline and trained to be the Mother of Darkness, responsible to perfectly hear and transfer all directions received from Lucifer. Yet, Jesus was appearing to her and she became Christian and now works to dismantle this Satanic system. See, SPIRITUAL WARFARE

On the very top are the 5 Mothers of Darkness, she explains. They represent the goddesses. Underneath you have the Council, that goes by names as; Federation Alliance, Global Alliance, Galactic Federation. They include people from the 13 Illuminati Bloodlines that are in high positions. Within you have other Councils, like the Council of 9, that we know as the 9th Circle. Queen Elizabet was it's member and their group is particularly known for Cannibalism. See, QUEEN'S DEAD SIGNIFYING THE DEATH OF THE WESTERN POLITICAL AND MILITARY LEADERSHIP

On 30 July 2018, when Trump walked in front of the Queen - this was not an accident, but the very Royal protocol for surrender. It validates that he has taken back the Corporation. (1:10)

They Kept the Gravitational Tech for Themselves

Jessie believes the liberation of children from underground tunnels is real, based on her personal experiences with these tunnel systems in her childhood. She tells the stories of underground cities with lakes and forest, tunnels for submarines, and underground military bases for experimenting with children and satanic rituals. The Masons created churches on top of such places to mark their locations. (27 min)

Map of the underground Maglev tunnels in US - these trains with magnetic levitation can go 10,000 km/h. Father Moon wanted to connect the world with such super-fast trains, but the Cabal already did and used it for themselves. "You have these massive complexes with interconnected trains," Gene Decode explains. 

South Africa DUMB destruction, busses flying few meters up. (Video 33:29) Saved 767 children, Discovered 467 classified documents. 

This Tunnel Systems created by this Cabal where they hide to do their rituals, a girl that was trafficked for sex explained, "There is a cesspool of this ritualistic abuse happening underground in this tunnel systems." (25:14 min)

Jessie mentioned that the top of these Illuminati Bloodlines are German. We can wonder what's the connection with the Nazi created secret space force? Remember, Hitler was from the bloodlines. Nazis were involved in Satanism, witchcraft and flying gravitational technologies under the control of Demonic powers (see). Is there are good force to be able to stand against their technologies? Ufos = German technology real / Aliens = Fake

God's Foundation was Invaded in the OT, NT and CT 

The Principle explains how God's foundation was invaded by such occult practices in each providential age and Satanism was practiced by the kings and the priests in the OT and the NT, as well. So what about now?

Some naively believe Satanism no longer exists, and mysteriously vanished. But since this low spirit world is still active, it restlessly multiplying it's work through it's earthly objects. Satanism is passed down generationally, without much chance to escape. Bible is not joking with saying that Satan was the ruler of this world. All Biblical history is about the fight with these Satanic prophets (priests), Satanic Kingdoms, and Satanic cultures. 

That's why True Father sent Archbishop Milingo to come at UTS and give us testimony about the Cardinals and Priests practicing Satanism in Vatican's underground facilities. Father wanted us to awake to the reality of Satanism today. 

The Illuminati covers so many levels, from very low local level of Satanic Covens all the way to huge, enormous business corporations. These people are making a lot of money through drugs, prostitution, pornography. The Mafia works under them. (MK Ultra Survivor)

Now the movie, The Pope's Exorcist, depicts the underground facilities where Catholic exorcists possessed by powerful demons were practicing satanism. The central hint the movie gives is that at some point in centuries ago, satanic demons took control over Vatican and the Pope. 

The top level is in Rome. That's the center and the heart of Illuminati. They view it as the spiritual center of the universe. From there they have 12 'fathers' - one for each country in Europe. There are regional councils and under them local councils. They are about 1% of the population. They believe, their role is to rule the world, but behind the scene, through infiltration of the media, education, the government and the financial system... with branches in the military, and the spiritual groups. They specialize in one of these branches from childhood. (MK Ultra Survivor)

"Their goal is to rule the world, and personally I believe they already do it, it's just not opened yet... with the amount of infiltration in all levels of society in the world," - Svali explains. "These people have goals that last centuries. They spend their life to reach the goals of the organization... Behind the scenes they are laughing how much the 'Sheep' is ignorant of how they herd them."

Challenge the False Prophets of Baal

The fake UC pastor from London tried to block these facts as 'Conspiracy Theory.' But let's face it, all prophets who challenged the satanic status quo were the 'Conspiracy Theorists' of the time. Elijah challenged the false prophets of Baal. He told Ahab that his wickedness has brought trouble to Israel. 

"What do True Parents have to do? They must rectify the tainted lineage that forms the root of the satanic world, turn the resulting deviated life around, and correctly reopen the path of love that has gone the wrong way." CSG, 187

Father Moon told us to also be bold and expose the false, satanic ideologies and practices in this world. He set up a 'model course' by ideologically exposing Communism. He established The Washington Times and use it for that very purpose, no matter how controversial that was at the time. Father told us that media today should be telling the truth, just as the prophets in the past standing on the city walls and proclaiming it. 

But majority of the media today is controlled by this Luciferian bloodline elite. That's why they are the prophets of free sex, transgender and other Satanic agendas. The Movie stars and sport heroes are paid millions just to keep us entertained, away from the truth of this Satanic control. They have to keep the narrative by all means. That's why they need many infiltrators in our churches, to make sure we will not stray from that narrative. Especially in UK you can see how active these infiltrators are in doing that. It's time for God's side to stand up and stop all that. 

The Crash of the Elite

Only when someone who can dominate Satan appears will the spiritual and physical worlds be liberated. CSG, 153

"The True Parents must appear on this earth representing God’s will… prevail over the satanic world… they are to destroy Satan who dominates the human world." CSG, 191

In 1999, LUCIFER was FORCED TO REPENTED AND RETURN TO THE ORIGINAL CREATION. Is the collapse we see now a result of God's requesting Lucifer to dismantle his own evil network? What will really come out of this FINANCIAL RESET & ENDING OF THE BANKING CARTEL

I explained previously that NOT THE PUPPETS YOU SEE, SCRIPT WRITER PULLS THE STRINGS. Now these puppet musters are being exposed. Externally we see their bankruptcy and collapse, but is that really a sign of their collapse, or a clever plan to morph into a new system of hidden control? 

On Sunday July 30, Putin announced on Russian TV that the New World Order has collapsed. Putin claimed that "The new global world order has failed due to the awakening of people around the World, realizing the truth about the elite's plans." 

The UN was supposed to be the NWO one world government, but they are now admitting even publicly in media that they are broke, commented Kim. 

The Deutsch Bank's entanglement with Epstein's dark connections and tis web of international ties, including, Estonian banks, is unraveling, as world courts launch far reaching investigation that could shatter the global Banking system. 

"The fake Mainstream Media controlled by BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street, is in a rapid downward spiral. The truth is breaking through their web of deception, causing their empire to crumble." Situation Update

BlackRock and Vanguard pretty much own all the biggest corporations in the world, thus all the economies in the world. And the people who seat on the boards of those corporations are the Illuminati families - the Cabal Banking families. As Kim reported, BlackRock is now bankrupt, which tells you that something is spiritually shifting. 

The Control Pyramid Under Lucifer

By the crash of the elite, the question is who they gonna take down with them, Kim said. She explained the structure of the world government, controlled by Lucifer until 1999 (see). And that gives you the answer of why even after Lucifer stepped down the Demonic generals under him and the evil network on earth are still very active. 

(1). At the top you have some demons in humanoid bodies. 

Kimberley's explanation: Under Lucifer, Enu was the ruler of the earth, while Murdock was only the manager. The pure Cain lineage that served them and transmitted the orders to the lower levels of control, was deeply involved in Satanic witchcraft, bloody rituals etc. to mobilize demons to control each area of life. It is a vast, very sophisticated spiderweb of control.

(2). Next are 21 parents - each running few of the Coven Musters (the heads of the families - 13 seats of the Illuminati). (3) Underneath you have Coven Members, every one was run by Coven Musters (Dark Musters). 

(4) Only then is that  you start to see all the names that you know, Medici, Aldobrandini etc. (5) Below them are the Black Pope, the Dragon Families, like the Rothschild family. (6) Now, beneath them you have the Bankers of Death that proliferate founds - the Banksters (these are the Jesuits on the Black Order side, and the Family Bankers like Rockefellers, JP-Morgans, for the Dragon Families). (7) Underneath them, now you are talking about Governments, operatives and Agencies. 

"Governments are a tool in their toolbox. They created the governments, they created the monarchies, they created the communism, they created democracy… They created all those different governing structures over the years, because these are going to be the front people. So watching politics is watching the show that is being performed for you to get you to eat the poison. Media is also designed for the same purpose. It’s another tool for control." UNN

After Lucifer Stepped Down 

"Someone on behalf of God must be victorious over Satan… as a child of direct lineage, he must fight with the satanic world and win over it for God." Thus, "When God’s love, God’s life, and God’s lineage are established, Father Moon explained, “Satan will have to leave." THE TRUE MEANING OF THE MESSIAH

After Lucifer stepped down, his top demonic generals continued on their own. But now, 23 years later, that everyone, the Coven Musters and above is gone, those below start presuming that without their muster they are now elevated to rule. And underneath of these new bosses you have the governments. 

When they became unable to pay the governments, they decided to make the Reset. So they decided to crash the world financial system, and all the governments were promised different things. "Keep promising things that will not function," Kim says. They are so much down in the food chain, and they don't even know how these financial things work. A lot of governments are now starting to question their authority. 

On Monday, Kimberly explained, the operatives were waiting on the special phone lines to receive instructions and founding, but instead they watched on life stream how all their bosses (60 or 70 of them) where shot in front of their eyes.

 The head of the snake has been cut first

According to some Military sources, in 2020 the heads of all 13 satanic bloodlines got arrested. That's why Trump said, "The head of the snake has been cut first."

But is that true, knowing that Trump himself made the way for the mRNA vaccines that are doing precisely that - modifying the human gene? Let's always remember that these bloodlines ruled the world for thousands of years and are enough skillful in fulling and manipulating humanity. We cannot forget also that Trump himself is of one of these 13 bloodlines. 

Well, all that does not matter. What matters is, who is behind Trump? Military - Space Force! So what't their agenda? Otherwise, hear UK news on CBN, Dr. Jen, a significant person in the Department of Defense, explains: 

"The Department of Defense has the actual real result. To avoid civil war they allowed Biden, who is president only of the bankrupt, foreign Corporation - owned by the Crown, which also capitulated. (CBN 30:40)

If you payed attention, many things that are disclosed now are so true and are exposing the real nature of the satanic sovereignty. We now realize that,

"Everything in our governments is captured. There is not even one Agency that is not working for the Corporation." (32:17)

If people will actually study and read the executive orders, we, each of us have the power. All of the courts, in every state, are not our court, are not our government. They are Corporations, they do not have authority over us. They went into bankruptcy years ago. They are literally puppets, running around and pretending to be our puppet musters. They are only masquerading as our government, while in fact they are serving the interest of these satanic Illuminati bloodlines. They have all committed treason. We have to start removing them lawfully.

"Based on the analyses, using organic AI, we have 98% certainty that by the 6 of August the Elite will no longer be able to function," Kim said.

Their crash is immanent, she says. Their Great Reset cannot be able to happen. It has become abundantly clear that any generals that are left, any Jesuits that are left, any of the 15 militaries that are left, any governments that are left at this moment of time are going to stop listening to them. Now I'm coming after them, Kim said. There is no going back. 

The Great Reset has failed. BRICS will fail. After 15 August 2023, all governments, banks and corporations will be broke and collapse unless they agree to work with The Trust’s CARE system to finance the world. (2)

"I'm questioning if we gonna have governments in the next 30 days or so. There is no money for governments," Kim said. To save their governments they need to be at a 100 billion dollars within a week. 

"As we've been reporting on UNN, the UN is broke. They have no longer have building and operation, and they have been declared a Terrorist Organization." UNN

The false realities are now disappearing. They were fake created to confuse you - by politicians and media. But now the truth is visible through.  

 Intro / Part 1 / Part 2 / Continue to  Part 4 


Why Satanic Lineage is to be Eliminated

"If men of the satanic world were spared, that world would invade again... the survival of the satanic men would preserve that system as they took wives and continued as they had before. Yet cutting off their lineage would end the system." Father

CSG, p. 116: "The world became satanic, He took on the task of seeking His servants by sacrificing all things and establishing people on the heavenly side. The people of the satanic world have all become Satan’s sons and daughters. God cannot take them away. Hence, God has been gathering those who have lost hope in the satanic world. It is a sad reality, but God has been collecting useless material. He has been dealing with junk. God tried to bring people who were not even good enough to become servants in the satanic world and made them servants of servants in God’s world. 117 

Saul was punished because, after winning the war, he went against God’s instruction to kill all the men? Why do you think He did that? If men of the satanic world were spared, that world would invade again. He did it because the survival of the satanic men would preserve that system as they took wives and continued as they had before. Yet cutting off their lineage would end the system, as the women and children belonged to God’s side. 

Saul was punished because his failure to act as instructed allowed the invasion of the heavenly nation by the worship of gentile gods and by all their adulterous customs. 121 

If men of the satanic world were spared, that world would invade again. He did it because the survival of the satanic men would preserve that system as they took wives and continued as they had before. Yet cutting off their lineage would end the system, as the women and children belonged to God’s side. Since humankind has received satanic blood, people cannot return to God on their own. 

Restore God's Love, Life and Lineage

So the Messiah must accomplish absolute restoration of the lineage, renewing the blood line that was defiled by Satan. This transition must be made. This is why the Messiah must surely come. Without his coming, there will be no restoration of lineage. We must restore lineage. CSG, 127

True Parents.. must rectify the wrong lineage that forms the root of the satanic world, turn around the deviated life, and correct the misdirected course of love. The Bible says… those who seek to live will die… because the satanic world must die. 127

When God’s love, God’s life, and God’s lineage are established, Father Moon explained, “Satan will have to leave. The work of engrafting will remove the connection with the satanic lineage.” 129

Our hearts break when we understand God’s lonely, desolate position, not surrounded by the environment that should have existed, accused by Satan, robbed of His rightful place by the satanic world…. How much have you wept in sympathy with God’s situation? 133

What is the original sin? It is love gone wrong. Our love should have been connected to God’s love, life and lineage. Instead, it was connected to satanic love, life and lineage. Because Adam and Eve became the personifications of the devil and left behind the satanic lineage. 135

Why was the all-knowing, all-powerful God of autonomous authority, who created heaven and earth from its root, so helpless in the face of the evil being who brought human beings to the state they are in today? … Because Adam and Eve became the personifications of the devil and left behind the satanic lineage. (So) Our love should have been connected to God’s love, life and lineage. Instead, it was connected to satanic love, life and lineage. 135

God regrets… is that humanity inherited a false lineage. You inherited false blood. Satan is the origin of this. He always wants to create havoc with all things of creation. You are connected to such a universe, such rights of ownership and such a lineage. The sources of all these five functions – what you see, think, smell, say, and touch – belong to the satanic side. 137


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