Father's Victory over Satan & The Synagogue of Satan

Why the Revelations Speaks of The Synagogue of Satan Lying to be Jews 

The Bible predicts that, "those of the synagogue of Satan, who say that they are Jews and are not, but lie—I will make them come and bow down at your feet." (Rev. 3:9) 

The Divine Principle depicts the course of Restoration as a 'Model Course for Subjugating Satan." And when we read the Bible, it is all about this endless war with Satanic practices. God's prophets fought with these Satanic priests. 

Since the world was dominated by this Satanic culture, God had to find people on his side. Through revelations and guidance he erected individuals, whose families expended into tribes on God's side. Restoring one nation, God wanted to expand that foundation to the world, naturally overtaking the satanic culture.

However, on each stage of God's work, scriptures and history testify, how Satanism was creeping back and infiltrating God's foundation. We see that back in the Old Testament, and in the New Testament. Temples and Churches were infiltrated. Sexual perversions and Satanic ritual sacrifice were done by their priests. 

"In the Old Testament, repeatedly you had these Baal worshipers, that ultimately became Sun worshipers. They have infiltrated the temple of God with occult practices. Even in the Temple the priest erected pillars to these 'gods'." Juan O Savin  

We are Approaching the End of 1000s of Years Old War with Satan

This is the time to understand and end God's pain. As True Father Moon explains:

"God was... mistreated, torn, wounded and broken in pieces. His heart was in pain and desperation each time He raised up a people only to have them fall away." Sun Myung Moon

Numerous signs now show that this long reign of Satan is approaching it's end. At the same time we see the fruition of True Father's vision, to create a representative capital for the new nation of Cheon Il Gook, CIG (Cosmic Nation of Peace and Unity). This is a historic time of great spiritual transition for humanity. 

"With the creation of this building we want to set the condition, jointly and globally, for our Heavenly Parent to be more powerfully present than ever before." Julian Grey

So what exactly was Satan's sovereignty, that is collapsing? As Dr. Lee explained from the spirit world, when the Principle talks about Satan's sovereignty, there is literally a vast satanic network established on earth. And as Father Moon explained, the only way Satan could work through earthly people is by using the ancestors who are under his control in Hell. And we all have ancestors who are in Hell. Thus Father Moon started the providence of Ancestor liberation, which now is bringing fruition in the exposure and collapse of the satanic system. Truly, the good spirit world is now assisting this process on earth.

Model Course for Bringing Satan to Submission

"Moses was able to subjugate Satan by following the pattern of the model course which was revealed symbolically in Jacob’s course. In his course, Moses developed this to the level of image. Similarly, by building on the pattern of Moses’ course, Jesus came to substantially bring Satan to submission. By walking in Jesus’ footsteps, people of faith can also bring Satan to submission and master him." MOSES AND JESUS IN GOD'S WORK OF SALVATION

The question is, "What does it mean to subjugate Satan substantially, not just spiritually? To establish God's Kingdom substantially on earth, first all Satan's substantial foundation has to be subjugated. Few points that we have failed to understand in that regard.

(1) That Satanism was never a random people practicing idolatry, but a very well organized world structure, with strict hierarchical pyramid under Lucifer. (That's the reason in our time they've chosen the name Illuminati)

(2) World satanists are in fact 13 ancient bloodlines (1% of humanity). They were behind those powerful Satanic Civilizations of the time. One does not come alive if he chooses to leave, or choose not to participate. They are raised with these rituals. Groomed to be embodied by powerful Demons. Spiritually trained how to mobilize them and do harm. 

(3) Their rituals give them power to mobilize demons and achieve actual results, always aimed to further their end goals. Plus, drinking the Adrenalized blood, from a young, raped and tortured child, is highly addictive drug, that makes them bound to the Order and to this pedophile act. 

(4) Their education and rituals are specially designed to remove their conscience and make them capable of any deception, tricks, even murder to achieve their goals.  

Father Moon had shown us a model course with his ideological Victory Over Communism. See, THE KEY ROLE OF REV. MOON IN ENDING COMMUNISM. Next, he told us, is to win the same way over the immoral sexual culture, which derives directly from Lucifer's sexual (pedophile) act of seducing Eve. Precisely these Lucifer worshiping Bloodlines are behind the endless push of free sex, homosexuality and transgender. To block and end their evil, we have to know how they work.

How big and powerful are the Illuminati Bloodlines today? 

Only the 13 Illuminati bloodlines are around 1% of the population, that is 70-80 million people, standing in top positions of the world structures, that work day and night to fulfil their satanic plan. 700 million operatives work under them for the same purpose. When you grasp the fact, that these people are still in control, do we actually know their identity, methods, and goals? In fact, our ignorance is their power. That's why all this secrecy. 

Have in mind that all top levels of Masonry are from the Illuminati bloodlines. Lowest levels can be good citizens who wish to do charity. But, as Jess explained, "once they pass the 3rd degree of Masonry, they call themselves 'Illuminates.' That's when they specialize with other secret societies and groups. For many of them Christianity is their cover life." (27 min)

They deceive us with Saviors who in fact follow their script

In the last CIG Report, NOT THE PUPPETS YOU SEE, SCRIPT WRITER PULLS THE STRINGS, I presented the fact that Trump and Kennedy are also from the 13 Illuminati Bloodlines. Of course, that's why they could become presidents. Trump was the trojan horse to push vaccines exactly while pretending to be against the Illuminati Deep State control. Now Rebert Kennedy Jn. seems to play similar fake role, to open the way for the next stage - communist dictatorship control excused with the global warming. It's part of their essence to play savers while opening the door for the next satanic move. 

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said in an interview that he would like a law to "punish" people who are skeptical of or deny global warming.

To neutralize the opposition, they create a false impression that there is finally a leader who will save them. By the time we find how he screwed us up it's too late. In the next election, they deceive us with another savior, yet things always go worse and worse, following exactly the evil Illuminati plan.  

Their secret infiltration power: Overtake What Others Have Created

As a Rotschild member directly told to Kimberly Goguen, "No matter what I build, they were going to take it over once it is completed." We can build any system, business, organization or project with the best purpose ever - they are going to take it over. That's their way of overtaking the earth. And they do it "in cooperation and conjunction with the Order of the Black Sun." 

As Juan O Savin asked, "Is there people even now invading our... movement, who hope to undermine it from inside?
Video: RULING THE WORLD: THE ILLUMINATI - Bloodlines with ancient origin, satanic believes and practices, with one goal, to bring the world under Lucifer's feet. Originated all secret societies.

Their Open Attack on Humanity

"It took a lawsuit to reveal the results of several tax payer founded studies by the government on the effects of fluoride on children - the consensus: it lowers their IQ." 

The FDA protects the Drug Companies not your health. Against hansom rewards they use police power to attack those who threaten the big drug companies, former commissioner of the US FDA revealed. 

Vaccinations were the biggest Medical Fraud in history. Vaccines were found to be usless and poisonous. Vaccination has been a menace to each generation since 1796. (32 min)

1870-72, one of the worst smallpox epidemics in England, resulted from compulsory vaccination nearly 2 decades before. The most vaccinated areas suffered most deaths. 

Compulsory vaccination laws in Japan after 1885 resulted in 25 to 30% mortality. Yet, the requirements for re-vaccination were only made more strict. 

"Polio vaccines found to contain Leukemia, CV40 and Cancer Viruses, explained Merck Scientist.

"The World Health Organization injected Africans with over 50 million Smallpox Vaccines - causing a wave of infections with the AIDS virus." The British Times, May 11, 1987 

Guess who owns and introduces these genocidal programs - the same bloodlines. 70% of the advertisements are from the Drug industries. We are brainwashed to reject effective natural healing and accept their incredibly toxic substances that cause numerous side effects and are very harmful for the human system. 

They are killing us and our crips with Chemtrails. We are fed up with Chemtrails, Vaccines, Child Trafficking, 70 mil. abortions, Pedophilia, and Transgender agendas.  (49:27 min)

We are talking intentional poisoning of our food, water and air for purpose of damming and reducing the population. All planned and executed by the order of these Satanic bloodlines. And now, with the Covid Vaccines they intend to kill billions. People are dying in their sleep, while eating, or doing sports.

The Difference of their Bloodline and God's Bloodline

To become part of God's Bloodline, one has to be born out of sinless, true parents. Adam and Eve, failed to become True Parents and raise good children. Jesus was killed before creating true family (which was his mission as a 2nd Adam - Restore the 1st Adam failure). So God's lineage was never established until the True Parents appeared. 

If you look at the chart of the Resonance of Heart, one has to first reach the maturity of spiritually sensing the truth (feeling what's wright and wrong) - resonance of 400 Hz. Next level is 'Love' - resonance approaching 500 Hz. That shows that this is the stage in the spiritual development when one can receive God's marriage blessing. God can now allow them to enter the Completion Stage, and once they perfect that as a family, they elevate to the resonance of 600 Hz - 'Joy'. And finally, through perfecting the Parental Love, they come to understand God's heart as their own.

The Illuminati bloodline, on the other side, strives exactly in the opposite direction. Through torture and rape of their own children, they partition their minds, allowing different demons to be able to come and take over when needed. In this state, the child's own spirit cannot grow. For such a strong demonic bond, they have to be groomed this way for several generations. That's why they have to intermarry withing the Illuminati bloodline, not to loose these abilities. 

Instead of high resonance, their rituals have to produce horror and fear, to lower the spiritual resonance, thus opening common base, a channel if you will, for the low spirits to come and work. They call it 'Portals'. They consider themselves descendants of Cain, but in this possessed state we can rightly say that they are with the spirit of fallen angels in the vehicle of human flesh. 

So, the question comes, 'Can they be restored?' Can God touch and resurrect their Original Mind (their good nature)? Yes! Fact is that despite the fear of being killed, many became Christians and left the Order. In her testimony ex-Illuminati particularly mention the different resonance they felt. They felt the love of those close to God in complete contrast to the heavy, dark, spiritual atmosphere of their Satanic ritual gatherings. 

Even more, there is a new trend among these bloodlines, calling themselves the Light Side of the Cult. According to Jess testimony, in recent times they no longer use fear to fracture the minds of their children, but more of talking and morally obligating them. 

Hint of this change was given in the movie, 'Monsters Incorporate.' The scaring children gave them power - symbolic for the use of Adrenochrome (collecting adrenalized blood after exposing a child to unbearable horror). But some realized that 'joy' can produce even more power. Similar hint we saw in the movie, 'Trolls'. They thought that the only way to obtain joy was to eat the small Trolls - representing the children. But they had to learn that living in joy and helping each other is much better. 

Video: Jessie Czebotar, Ex-satanist, explains the symbology in the fake Coronation of Charles III - showing that their Order is collapsing and they have no power any longer. She believes that Trump and the Good Military are dismantling this Satanic system. 

The Dark Side and the Light Side of the Order

If the people in hell, in the spirit world, are liberated, the time will come when the evil people on earth they were worked through will also start doing God's Will. 

Raised in the Cult, Jess Czebotar, became Christian. She explains about the Dark Side of the systema and the Light Side of the system, those who only practice White Magic. According to Jess , "Any form of Magic, whether it is Black, White or Grey, in order to have that magic manifested physically they have to make contracts with Demonic spirits." According to her, "even if that White Magic is for helping humanity." But what is they learn to do it with God and the good spirit world? 

They choose on which of these two sides to focus in their training, by testing the child, to will decide which of these two trainings to take. Many of the singers, stars and politicians you know have undergo such special MK Ultra, Butterflies training. Many show it openly.

It has already been decided that the Light side are the once that will be ushering in the New World Order and Antichrist. But who are they?

She describes the Light Side behind the Galactic Federation, calling themselves Watchers or Guardians. They are behind the US Space Force team. That's why they also call themselves Guardians. They are "bringing forward the trained professionals of this Order, who are part of that Federation," she says. Most obviously this is the Black Sun Cult, or some offshoots of them. 

Some say that Elon Musk, as part of this Cain bloodline, was groomed to be the new Antichrist, to usher us into this new era of technical revolution that existed in the Luciferian Atlantis. That's why Musk's Space-X works with the US Space Force, and the order gave him the power to be the richest man on earth. 

Not only Musk, all CEOs of companies, all Military high level generals are product of this program (MK Ultra), absolutely controlled by the Cult. Understanding that, becomes obvious that God will need to make some miraculous transformation in these people from inside, to be able to transform this earth.  

Child trafficking was always a key part for these bloodlines? 

Not only for labor, sex trade profits and  bribe, they needed them for their regular sacrifice rituals (think tens of thousands of Satanic Covens), and of course for Adrenochrome production - which our days is a global business, with bigger profit even than drugs, insiders say. 

Monday 24 of April in a complex mission 760 children were rescued from human traffickers in seven underground tunnels beneath Kansas and Missouri, according to CBKennedy News.

My question is, now that the Light Side is leading the transition, are they gonna stop the child trafficking and the horrible practices with children? Is this child trafficking disclosure just a rumor, or that's being exposed because some forces are seriously fighting with it.

These Satanic practices can be traced to Babylon, Incas and all other ancient satanic civilizations. But the most recent 1000 years, the most information can be found on the Khazarian Jews. Having no lineage connection to the Jews, they used these Satanic practices to gain power and gradually infiltrate the west and gradually the world. Read, Khazarian History

In the recent operations in Ukraine (the original homeland of Khazaria), "more than 10,000 caged children were rescued, 3,876 Child Traffickers arrested; 678 killed; 74 Underground Tunnels Destroyed." Situation Update

The Synagogue of Satan and the Jesuit Black Pope

The strange part is that Bible speaks of those who pretend to be Jews, but are of the Synagogue of Satan. In other reports I explained how they joined with the Jesuits, created the order of Illuminati and planned the world communization. 

"We have these groups of criminally insane people who want endless wars and run us based on BS," Fulford

Fulford describes 2 groups of Illuminati and some struggle for power among them. The first group controls are the Khazarian Jews' side under Rothschild. The second group is the from the Black Sun Cult (Sun worshipers), controlled by the Jesuits, under the Black Pope in Vatican. 

These two groups united and created Communism. Just as the Divine Principle explains, they sacrificed their previous creation, Hitler (Nazism), to strive for world control through Communism. 

"There are two different groups that claim to be Illuminati, that I actually met. One of them, from Russia, claims to go back to Pythagoras, and that they are against the bloodline rule. They say, they are actually the survivors of the civilization that existed before the last Flood, and that they have ancient technology that's real. They claim that they started the French, the Russian and the American Revolutions against the bloodline rule." (4:50 min)

"The other group that I've met were the once in the Vatican. They are Zoroastrians and believe in the eternal fight between Good and Evil. The are the Sun worshipers. And claim that Christianity is a religion they developed to control the Slaves. They were given instructions on how to run the planet for 26,000 years by Aliens (meaning, spiritual Demons). That's what they told me." Fulford Report

They say they are Jews, but are from the Synagogue of Satan

The most visible front of this Satanic Cult are the Jews. Wherever you turn, from Banks to businesses, media and entertainment, they own it. That shows you, (1) they are also just Puppets. A front for much vaster Satanic organization. (2) They are not Jews, but Khazarians. (3) They placed all countries under financial slavery of debt, one by one. 

This debt could be paid only in US Dollars. To earn them, the country was obligated not to produce it's own food, but only produce for export, and follow the NWO directions. [Video]

Video: Their methods are outlined in The Protocols of Zion - very old source used by the Illuminati, the Cabal and the Khazarian false Jews to blame the real Jews. 293 paragraphs with Luciferian guidance on how to manipulate humanity.

Who are these so called 'Jews' behind all these fancy organizations, medical institutions and media, pushing this genocidal agenda? Talking about their 'Unrestricted Warfare' that's undergoing right now, Clif High explained:

"World Economic Forum in 2016 was bragging about having put a spike protein onto a Corona virus. They bragged about it. "We did it! We did it! Took us 5 years.""

"We are in the process of going through this giant, unrestricted warfare, at a level that only would be comprehended after it's done, when we read it in history. It is conflict that is so complex and so vast."

"To certain extend we are fighting the war that goes back to 1200 AD, when the Russians attacked the Khazarians to try to eliminate the problem that they were creating in the region (with their Satanic practices)." The Rotschilds and the other false jews controlling Fed and the World Banks to terrorize humanity are in fact those Khazarians (nothing to do with the real Jews). That's why Bible talks of,

"...the blasphemy of them that say they are Jews, and they are not, but are a Synagogue of Satan." Revelation 2:9

In fact, the Khazarian Bankers were behind the Bolshevik Red Revolution. Marks, Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, were all Khazarian Jews. That explains their hatred for Christianity. They created the 3 World Wars to take over Israel and establish Communism. They were behind the Slave Trade in America. They are all from this satanic bloodline; scrupulous, without empathy, and without human conscience and heart. 

Now the famous holocaust martyr Anne Frank is coming out saying that holocaust photos and videos were faked even during WWII. The truth is that Hitler was paid by the Khazarian Bankers to chase the Jews to Israel, so they can establish their own nation. 

The reason why China is on the board of the New World Order is because the Lee (Li) family is one of the Illuminati bloodlines. It was not by chance that Lee started the Opium poppy fields to produce drugs that will be marketed by the other Illuminati families. It was all a carefully calculated by the Illuminati who had made billions running drugs for centuries. Lees are essential part of the Chinese Secret Societies. One of the Lee family was dictator of Singapore for decades. That's why Singapore became the first cashless country as part of the NWO plan. 

The Khazarian Mafia are generating constant fake crises to take over the planet.

The fake pandemic was the excuse they created to turn the Rockefeller-owned UN into a world government. The UN, which is trying to get governments to legalize sex between adults and minors in order to normalize pedophilia. 

[ThePeoplesVoice] (UN urges governments to legalize sex between adults and minors: 'Pedophiles deserve love too')

Video: How UN is controlled by Rothschilds and used for control and money laundering. If you are still not aware of the evil control on humanity and their dark plans and manipulative methods, you can start with this documentary: (2) (3) (4) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12) (13)

How can God's side win over them if we continue living in ignorance, unable to react, unable to unite against them? Yet, the Bible predicts that their time will expire, "those of the synagogue of Satan, who say that they are Jews and are not, but lie—I will make them come and bow down at your feet." (Rev. 3:9) 

Interesting part of Their Training

"They are looking at your posture in the spirit world... and which spirits they can connect you to."

They read classic stories to the children to see how they respond, if they are drawn into this spiritual portal. The reader is a warlock, through whom the spirits see where the child resonates, before start fracturing the mind. In everything they do they work with spirits and demons. Spirits are placed in the child during this programing process. 

They also use music and meditation, going through the chakras, to summon the different demonic gods. The sex organs are connected to Asther, "Ra" - connected to Baal, "Ou" - connected to Azal and Molech, etc. To start the training they will crate a trauma in this area. 

The kids that are chosen undergo deeper MK Ultra training in secret military bases where they have bigger spiritual gates. She numbers numerous bases around the world. Or they may use the Jesuit Catholic school. Some may undergo more Christian training, if their base cover in life will be such. But that means they also will influence these churches. 

Presumably, our mission to 'Subjugate Satan', includes maturity to not be misled by these people, and even the heart and spiritual power to restore them. In this regard, Father Moon had shown us a model course with his ideological Victory Over Communism. See, THE KEY ROLE OF REV. MOON IN ENDING COMMUNISM. Next, he told us, is to win the same way over the immoral sexual culture. In fact, that includes to effectively deal with the following crimes, part of their bloodline tradition. 

The Illuminati Morn the Loss of Atlantis to This Day

This will show you what they are trying to restore? Their take is that Atlantis was the greatest, very advanced civilization, who were highly enlightened. They were definitely Satanists, very Luciferian. But this prophet of their enemy, who was from God, foretold their destruction if they don't change their ways. For they were definitely Occultists, they were Luciferians. That was their religion. A lot of the advances of Atlantis were passed down to them through supernatural means. So they laughed at the prophets and killed them. But tragically their city was lost. To this day they morn this loss. Atlantis was the precursor of their Illuminism. 

Kim also supports the story that, "The Atlantean civilization was a fallen civilization created by low astrals (fallen angels), who came on earth, took people and genetically modified them... They got better in genetics, that's why they look more human in our days, but the past they looked very different (elongated heads etc.). They became the Slave Masters. That was the beginning of all these Bloodline Families on earth."

According to the Bible story, originally the the Fallen Angels had sexual relations with women and produced the Giants, a genetically modified lineage used to control humanity. Pretending to be 'gods', through such clones, these Fallen Angels were freely coming and educating humanity in all satanic practices, technology and weapons, homosexuality and free sex were the essence of their perverted culture. 

Leaning towards the Occult is very actively pushed in today's entertainment, as well as the homosexual, transgender and free sex culture, that derive from this pre-flood fallen civilization.

God had destroyed that perverted culture. These Giants were gradually killed. The story goes, that for few hundred years the last remnants of them settled at what today is the Vatican Hill. That's why Vatican Hill is named on the Goddess of Death and the Underworld - "Vatica". They created the deep underground caves and tunnel labyrinth still used by Satanists under the Vatican City. The once Archbishop Milingo described. 

Survivor Testimony: 13 Chambers underground Vatican. Mummified bodies of the 'fathers' of these lineages, watching the ceremonies. 

You can see that today's Satanism derives from these Satanic civilizations of the past, that God worked to destroy. In their strive to restore their former power and bring back this openly Satanic world they systematically infiltrated all religions and structures of society. Communism was supposed to help them achieve that goal, but God used Rev. Moon to overcome them ideologically and bring it's collapse. Rev. Moon expanded the culture of True Families, in which the satanic power cannot even exist. 

Numerous religious and world leaders were led by God to Rev. Moon. Jesus appeared to Milingo, and told him that he has to bring Catholicism out of these satanic pit. He was told to go and receive Rev. Moon's Wedding Blessing. Because of his busy schedule he didn't follow. Jesus appeared again with the same request. So Milingo visited Rev. Moon in Korea, was matched and later participated in the Interreligious Wedding Blessing together with 50 other renown Christian and other religious leaders. A world movement for reviving the true, moral, unified Christianity had appeared. 

Both sides, God's and Satan's, now culminate to the final stage, attempting to establish their version of the new world. As the Divine Principle explains, Satan was always preceding to imitate what God will do, but centered on himself. Yet always, God had used the original nature of the people to gradually revert that to the side of God. 

Remember TF saying, "Even if you follow Lucifer, if you follow with absolute obedience, he will bring you to God."

The Superior Power of God and the Good Spirits

"For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind." 2 Tim. 1:7

Let me tell you my personal spiritual experience. Why the evil spirit world is so powerless? Why they need so much efforts to do simple things? The lower the frequency of heart, the lower the power. When I look spiritually, their energy is smaller than a dot. I observed them again and again, how they have to mobilize thousands and thousands of such spirits to influence even a small area in our physical mind. That's why all these insane conditions so that they can bit by bit gain control over some of our thoughts and functioning. You, as Blessed Central Families, have the absolute power to order them to be sent to 100 day (which is hundred years) Workshop in the spirit world to become absolutely good spirits (or Angels). They may be afraid, but that's the best for them. 

"As you begin to mobilize the spiritual world through prayer... you will begin to recognize the laws of heaven that can be used to help your brothers and sisters. Satan is trembling... as you gain the power of effective prayer and the effective mobilization of the spiritual world... the great power that exists in the spiritual world. He has been doing his best to block that power... Teach other brothers and sisters how to be effective. And then God's power will grow stronger and stronger and Satan will be pushed back very, very quickly." On Prayer, Heung Jin Nim

Kim : "This is God's Decision: The Rule of the Evil Side is Over"

Is there a change, now with Lucifer's surrender? In 1999 Lucifer lost his foundation, had to step out and ask for forgiveness. See, SATAN WAS DEFEATED. But, are his subordinate Demons gradually restored since then? Did Lucifer find a way to dismantle the vast Evel Network that he created, as God requested him?

But now God sent angels, sent here to fight for the Light. The Light side started making moves against them both. So she asks, "Do you have any faith in the Creator? The rule of the Evil Side is over, she says. That was God's decision, not mine." 

Seven years after 2012 (in 2018) the line of Solomon (Dragon Families) lost the power, Kimberly (Kim) explained (Video). "Their 3000 years contract expired." Externally, they lost the control of the Global Repository, and thus, the ability to print money. But internally, "the Dark Side officially had left them and no longer demons can come save them or support their plans." Obviously, in the age after the coming of Heaven God is not allowing that. 

Their operative (fixers) - The Black Sun Cult, decided, "Why should we listen to them," and attempted to rule by themselves. The fight between them continued until June last year (2022). Since then, Kim (that now is in charge of the Global Repository and allocation of new money) is trying to awake them that they should join the restoration plan or God will eliminate them. Meaning, the operatives who helped the bad guys govern under Satan, can now prosper only if they abandon the evil plans and support the well being of mankind. 

We sincerely hope that among the structures of this evil matrix created by Satan more and more will open their original mind and turn on the side of God. Remember that this is the time when Lucifer is obligated by God and the True Parents of Heaven and Earth, to dismantle the evil spiderweb he created. 

"Once we hear the Word, even we fallen people feel God's heart beginning to bud within our heart. When our hearts thus begin to bud, we acquire the strength to love our enemy, and the power to subjugate Satan's world is activated." Sun Myung Moon

God created for the purpose of joy and love. He wants to see a world of peace, love and harmony. It's time humanity to rise and build that ideal. When human beings fell in sorrow, God became miserable. That should never happen. We have to liberate his heart.

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