Rev. Moon: The True Meaning of the Messiah

The True Meaning of the Messiah 

  • Now that Father Moon is in the spirit world, all the structures of the Satanic network on earth are becoming visible (exposed).
  • That's because the evil spirits can no longer support these structures. The opposite, the evil spirits are ordered to expose and dismantle all the Satanic network on earth. See LUCIFER REPENTED
  • People have to understand what the real meaning of Messiah is. Not an external, empty title. It's the power to Subjugate Satan, when one becomes a restored, true, perfected individual.

All the events we see in the recent years are expression of the changes happening in the spiritual world, that affect the structures on the earth. All structures; political, financial, economical etc. They are all collapsing and wandering how to survive. This is result from the fact that SATAN WAS DEFEATED AND RETURNED TO ORIGINAL CREATION. Heaven will no longer allow them to continue, Father Moon told us, if they don't transform in service of humanity. 

"The Messiah, Savior and returning Lord comes as a man, and he too comes to re-create humanity with the truth and thereby complete the ideal of creation." CIG p.2544 

The Truth will make the Satanic structures unable to continue with their tricks. The Truth will show the people how to create peaceful and loving families, communities, nations, world and Cosmos. 

"Never in our history have they been that exposed" 

"Brave patriots set into motion a sophisticated military-grade sting operation against the overwhelming network of corruption. Raging around us is the final phase of a vast global shadow war. Not between nations but between the forces of good and the most unimaginable evil. They know what is coming. Never in our history have they been that exposed. The truth is clearly visible."

Video: The ban of the Jesuit Order in 1773 allowed for the American liberation from the European Royal and Catholic control. The Jesuits infiltrated the Freemasonry in late 1700s and have taken control of the leadership of this secret society. Later Jesuits used Carl Marx to infiltrate the Communist movement. The Jesuits also created Illuminati and were thus working through the Democratic Clubs in America. See how their spiderweb was spreading.

Exposure and Dismantling Satan's Matrix

Did Satan devised the biggest Conspiracy against God and humanity. Yes, he did! I wish it was a theory... But Divine Principle is not a theory. It tells you the Truth. Satan controlled the world with all it's structures. Courts, Politicians and Corporations serve the Crown Corporation, controlled by Satan worshiping cult. That's how it was all registered and functioning. Democracy was just to keep the illusion of freedom. But how did USA loose its freedom?

In 1913 the Federal Reserve was passed by US Congress handing over America’s gold and silver reserves and total control of America’s economy to the Rothschild banksters. The Federal Reserve is a privately owned banking system that does not belong to America or Americans. The US President and officials at the Congress are working for that Corporation and not for the American people. This private Fed was controlling all the money in the world. Every country that tried to get out was destroyed. Read more

Now the United States has $ 259 trillion in debt and liabilities, an average of $ 2,067,000 per capita (taxpayer). Even if you sell every piece of land, all the savings, all the companies, everything, you will still have a debt of 66 trillion dollars. That's the result of these Babylonian Magic of Money from Nothing, that brings every country in Debt Slavery, and it's people under crashing taxation. 

Dr. Lee wrote about that Satanic network on earth - impossible to dismantle, even for Lucifer himself. God never stopped working to liberate his children. But as you see, that's very, very difficult. Even members don't understand how real the spiritual war is between Good and Evil. But the young man, Sun Myung Moon, determined to liberate God and humanity. 

The Satanic Sovereignty is a well orchestrated theatre from the small percent of controllers that gave themselves up to Lucifer in exchange of riches. As the Divine Principle explains it, Satan was both behind Nazis and the Communists (See, World Wars). Everything was to contributes to the confusion, very compartmentalized, so we never understand how we are governed. Tensions were created to divide us against each other (Left-Right, Black-White), so we stay powerless and blind to their evil agendas. 

But through prayer and spiritual communications with God, Jesus and the other saints in the spirit world, Rev. Moon discovered; what was the Crime of Lucifer? (See,  The Illicit Sexual Act between the Angel and the Human Beings) How as a spiritual being he got control on humanity? and what are the spiritual laws that can bring Restoration?

By "the 1970s, the Divine Principle of the Unification Church spread through the world... thousands of young people... dedicated themselves to God's providence. It wasn't long before the countries of the world, as though with one accord, gathered their energy to oppose us. But our movement was like a roly-poly-toy -- the persecution hit us, and we bounced back... even stronger." Hak Ja Han Moon

That was the time, Mrs. Moon wrote, "Communism was expanding across the globe on many fronts. Knowing the inhumane brutality of communist governments... my husband and I launched a very successful educational initiative called "Victory Over Communism" (VOC)." Many world leaders recognized the Key Role of Rev. Moon in Ending Communism, especially through his paper, The Washington Times. 

Washington Times was the most quoted newspaper and the source of 95 percent of the information on "Radio Free Europe" and "The Voice of America" during the Cold War. The victory was spiritual and ideological. Once Lucifer had to step out of Communism its evil became obvious, its power was lost, and its collapse was immanent. But human suffering did not end with that. 

The Originators of Communism Behind the Debt Slavery

When we gonna wake up? They took our freedoms, they license every activity that we do. All the regulations, borders, taxes and penalties. Pushing us further and further in the corner. Even the birds can fly freely without license, without passport to cross the borders, without tax for their nest. We are God's children. Why we have to be less free? Why we are in this slavery system? How this Satanic control is structured?

"Your governments never had control. They had Deep State actors that do control them. These Dragon Families, the Order of the Black Sun, the SSP, the Jesuit Order (Black Pope)... and goes beyond to people you didn't even know. The Black Nobility, that no one knows who they are." Kim, Global Repository

As S. Evans commented, "Most of us cannot fathom this kind of depravity and tend to deny its existence, this is exactly the plan of its father of lies (Satan). Hidden in plain sight it’s continued nearly unabated." Yet, as the saying goes, "To know their moves you have to follow the money." If you do that you'll realize that judges, police and governments are all serving the Banking system of slavery. And this system will not allow any politician to even dare to exit from it's debt grip.

"The Rothschilds have a habit of murdering Presidents who don’t follow their orders. Rothschilds Murdered at least Seven US Presidents between 1773 & 2019." Henry Makow PhD

Monetary System of Slavery and Control

Before we learn how God used Rev. Moon to abolish this system and liberate humanity let us first look at how this system was structured. Many will rightly argue, "But Father Moon never went against the Banking System." True! He didn't have to. When you learn that all this physical monetary structure was governed directly by Lucifer, all he needed was to Subjugate Lucifer himself, for the structure to start collapsing on its own. 

Why did Rev. Moon told us that it is very important for the spirit world to reveal who sunck Titanic? Now is the 110th Anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic on April 15 1912.  It was a set up. It killed at once all the rival millionaires, who opposed the creation of Federal Reserve. A year later JP Morgan formed the Federal Reserve with illegal voting. It was totally owned by private hands (all Khazarian Jews), yet had control over all the currencies on the earth.

Global Repository explained: "Every country in the world donates 80% of their taxes to the Rothschild family. They all go to Rothschild Bank in Switzerland. They are still stilling 80% of every nation's taxes. Hopefully we can fix that in the near future."

The whole money system was created to keep humanity in eternal slavery. It's not an illusion. Lucifer gave the right to certain dark bloodlines to use the magic of money from nothing, in exchange of them keeping humanity to never develop spiritually, through constant suffering, wars, poverty, penalties, taxation and so on, and so on. 

"The time when this sinful world is brought to an end is the Last Days, when the Messiah of the Second Advent comes... The Last Days are a time when the world filled with sin, war and conflict will be transformed into the ideal world of goodness overflowing with freedom and peace." Sun Myung Moon

Global Criminal Organization of Satanists acting as a hidden government behind the elected governments 

Video: What is the Deep State? They always sought control over information, money and government. Fact: Money are created by Private Banks, not by government. Money give them control over Government, which gives them control over people.

This video helps you understand why Father Moon initiated so many conferences with world leaders, politicians and VIPs, to discuss how to create a better political system, since Democracy is based on money and corruption.

All agencies are controlled by this Global Criminal Organization acting as a hidden government behind the elected government. Three levels of society; (1) Top level - Powerful people without any scruples (Corrupt Bankers and Industry titans), (2) Middle Level - Educated Criminals (Corrupt Politicians, Media, Professors, Lawyers, Doctors), (3) Bottom Level - Useful Idiots (Self-serving, blindly following the agenda of the upper levels, without questioning) See all 15 Episodes

To understand God's providence to Save humanity of this Satanic control, we have to learn also the history of the Canaanite Satanism. How it infiltrated priests and kings in the Old Testament Age, and again in the New Testament Age. And in our days took over the Banking, Media, Education and Governments. 

The Khazarian Star represents also the Monetary System of Slavery:
(9 Levels of Control)
Rothschild Khazarians are only level 8
Top control was in non-humans, under Lucifer. All lower levels served this Control System. All Intelligence Agencies are created to protect that structure. Those who threatened that system were destroyed. When these Banksters sponsored The World Wars, Hitler, the Red Revolution, it was all under Lucifer's direct instructions. These instructions stopped in 1999 because of the True Parents' spiritual victory and the system quickly started collapsing, leading to today's events. See CIG UPDATES 

Governments have no Freedom to Print their own Money

Study the history
, everyone who tried to exit the Fiat Rothschild banking system was killed and destroyed. Lincoln tried - got killed. The few richest people who objected the creation of the Federal Reserve were all killed on Titanic. The Russian czar didn't accept it. His whole family was killed and Communism was established. Kennedy prepared to separate the money from the Federal Reserve. He was publicly assassinated.

The Rothschild Khazarian Mafia KM pre-staged the Russian Revolution by using its central banks to pay for the Bolshevik Revolution. This was essential part of their long planned revenge on the Russian Czar and the innocent Russian people for breaking up Khazaria in about 1,000 AD. This little known fact explains the extreme violence taken out on Russia, The Bolsheviks, at the direction of the Rothschild KM, raped, tortured and mass-murdered approximately 100 million Russians, including women, children and infants. 

"In 1904, the Deep State pulled the strings of the Japanese Emperor and started the Russian-Japanese war. The funding for this war came from the American banker, Jacob Schiff. The Russian-Japanese war was meant to weaken the Russian military to create space for the upcoming Russian revolution.

Lev Trotskii had been recruited by Jacob Schiff and was trained on the Rockefeller estate, in guerrilla warfare. In 1917 the operation was a go. Vladimir Lenin, the leader of the 2nd Bolshevik Revolution. The Warburg Bank arranged for his travels through Europe. There was assistance from MI5, for European power structures were already coming under the control of the Deep State."  DS and the Cold War

All Communist countries were actually under the control of the KM Deep State. Lucifer's plan was working. The Cold War allowed the KM to further expend it's operations and demoralize the West with Free Sex and Drugs, aiding to the plan of World Communist control under Satan. 

"They used the Cold War to both increase their power and budgets. This was the method by which the Deep State retained and increased their power and influence." The Cold War

Only a Perfected Person Could Solve the World Problems 

As Dr. Young said in the Morning Devotion: The problems of the world are so complicated... so they cannot be solved by a fallen men. It takes a perfected person who is connected with God.  

Rev. Moon's ideological victory paralyzed their plans and brought Communism to financial collapse. See, Key Role of Rev. Moon in the Collapse of Communism, that made Lucifer step out, so everyone could see the real face of these evil Totalitarian Regimes. Lucifer moved completely into expanding his Free Sex Culture in a last attempt to prevent God's true families and true lineage be established. However, in the next 7 years Rev. Moon expanded the God Centered Marriage Blessings throughout the earth. Thus after 1998 Lucifer was forced to step out.  

What did change in 2012 in this Slavery System of Control? Federal Reserve was over! The Dragon Families reign was over. That's huge. And the following collapse of the Satanic Sovereignty was inevitable. You have to understand that Satan was won spiritually before that was possible to happen. Now we see the external effect.

"There are already 22 countries that got rid of the Rothschild bank and 14 more nations in the process of closing those banks in the next 7 days." VR Update

"Rothschild owned Central Banks in 33 countries were closed or in the process of closing dew to bankruptcy. And many more to go." Situation Update

I previously discussed, in Ending the Banking Cartel, the fact that Rothschild has been dead now and Federal Reserve removed from the private Cabal owners. Three top of command under him have also been taken out. Let me explain the background of these providential events. 

Providential Years and Victories for God 

  • Few people on the top have controlled the earth for thousands of years under the direct guidance of Lucifer. As we know, Lucifer stepped down in 1999. (See, LUCIFER REPENTED: SATAN HAS RETURNED TO THE ORIGINAL CREATION) With no authority to rule, Lucifer had to face God and start repenting. God's answer was to dismantle his satanic network on earth before asking forgiveness. His subordinates still thought they can dominate the earth without his guidance. But, could they?
  • Thus, since 1998 his minions on earth have stopped receiving guidance about the future from their demon musters. Project Looking Glass stopped working. Following that, their lies and actions ultimately led to their demise. They could only see that after 2012 nothing can stop their collapse and by 2040-50 there is not even trace of their existence, no matter what they try. All future outcomes lead to their demise.
  • By March 2007 the so called Black Nobility of the ruling Bloodlines were cut off by the Global Repository, because everything on earth was already leveraged. Nothing was left to deposit. Thus the financial crises began.
  • In 2012 their contract to rule over the world expired. Federal Reserve was over by 2012, but they are not telling you. And until now, most of these elite bloodlines (Cain blood, with no empathy) are gradually removed from the face of the earth.
The Back-side of the Money Structure of Control
On top - Mardoke, Enki, Anu (non humans controlling the earth under Lucifer for 1000s of years) - gone 2016 (They were allocating the new money and giving the plans)
21 Parents - (lived very long) - most gone now
42 Ascended Musters (Human Demons/Baby eaters - Black Magic) 
Covens (Satanic Priests giving the orders to the 2 fractions in the front system of control)

The Front System of Monetary Control
1- Dragon Families (Rothschild-Kazarians, Red-Black-Blue Dragon etc.) 
2- heir fixers - The Black Sun Cult (Military, Intelligence, Mafia, Masons)
  • In 2018 the contract of their Fixers (The Order of the Black Sun) also expired. They threatened to release a deadly virus if not given the control over the Back System by 2019. Thus, they extended it for 3 years with the False Pandemic till 2021.
  • On 7 January, 2022 all registrations were canceled. No more FED, Governments, Royals. If they continue to attack humanity, God will retaliate immediately. This is the Age of God's Direct Dominion. The war between Good and Evil is soon to be over. Read more
  • As of 21, 2022 of May IRS - the private tax collecting agency accounts were removed by the Global Repository. Their activity worldwide was illegal. 
That's why the White Hats regard Russian's recent actions as steps to abolish the Deep State control, come out of this false Fiat monetary system and prevent the Cabal's plans for nuclear and biological World War. 

Explanation: How the Control of the World Happened

The higher levels had access to deeper code levels of the Back-channel. There is a video by the new Trustee of the Global Repository explaining how it all worked. (See) Search, KIM Goguen explaining why the Cabal is broke and how they are dismantling it. (Report)

       Access Codes (Levels of access and control) 
 Designed to drain our energy, keep us under slavery and protect their authority

                 Level 9 - Global Repository (Mardoke)  
Level 5 - Pentagon               ---        Level 4 - Microsoft SS       
Level 6 - Federal Reserve    ---        Level 3 - VTX Ocean Wires        
Level 7 - Dragon Families   ---        Level 2 - NSA (5 Eyes Intel.)
Level 8 - Rothschild             ---       Level 1 - Your Bank          

If this system was dominated by Satan, how is it now changing after True Parents' spiritual victory for God. 

Level 9, that was dominated by Lucifer, is restored under God (Between 2012 and 2016 gradually Kim Goguen took over). Level 9 to 6 (the Khazarians) are now gone. Level 5 to 1 (The Black Sun Cult) are undergoing cleaning and reformation. See details below. 

All Media, Politicians and other structures were under this central monetary system of control. Now that the Back System was taken down, the Front System controlled by the Black Sun is trying to take the control. But they only knew how to follow orders. And now, no orders come from the Demonic world. Many structures of the Black Sun were also very compartmentalised so they may well tend to fight each other. 

All Wars were Bankers Wars

"The private central banking system only allows rulers to rule if they make people submit themselves to the banking system, if not they are removed."

Wars are made by the elite to make money from the suffering of the people. That's how the big bankers took nation after nation. With their money they control the governments and the military. All wars are started by them. 

"All of the modern wars are wars of the private bankers. War is the banks richest harvest. They will do anything to keep their stranglehold on the people."

But how to make peaceful people fight each other? They have to first make two hating each other fractions, by pumping each group with opposing information. Propaganda is needed. That's why they also own the Media. Check the facts, all Media, including Social Media, are owned by Khazarian-Jews.

"Nazism, communism, religious terrorism, global warming, pandemics and the climate change; All these different narratives are just mechanisms of furthering  and maintaining their grip on civilization. When the danger of the day has served its purpose the next one is introduced." The Deep State 

Don't fall for their trap. They want us to argue each other, instead of seeing that both sides of the war are controlled by the same puppet-musters. The same guys who created the problem (Neo-Nazis tormenting pro-Russians) are the same guys who present the solution (Russia invading to protect them). IT'S ALL A THEATRE

Ending the Banking Cartel

The world will no longer pay the unrealistic bill. That is why a group of eight countries - China, India, Russia, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico, Iran and Turkey - are now leading the boycott, Fulford reported.

A representative from the World Bank explained the need of taking down the Banking cartel that controlled the world. "They have been lying to you all this time," she said. "Nothing is as it appears... The way they made us think is actually a mind control. 

In fact, just a few people were printing money and standing on top of the world. But actually, all they have is paper. We are the ones to decide how the world should be. Now enough people understood. With some very special people, we are planing now, how to gently introduce and implement the new financial system, which will stop all wars, conflicts, arguing and corruption.

"This coronavirus is not an accident, she explained. It was planned a long time ago and is patented. She posted the patents on the internet. The Banking cartel was trying to destroy the world, but now this is a crisis for them... each country will kick out these bankers.

The banking cartel was using 'divide and conger', that's why left and right were fighting. But once we understand who was behind that, all arguing is gone... This is a Global Currency Reset," she said, and "most help they are getting in this transition is from the spiritual world, where our ancestors live." Financial Reset

Yes, there is going to be a Financial Reset. It absolutely has to happen. And this next system is going to be the last financial system humanity is going to use. It may be in existence for the next 15 years or so, and then we will move out of the monetary system completely.  

"The system that we have been living under, the Fiat… the Central-Banking system, which is absolute travesty, was set up to enslave. In order to stop this dangerous technologies… out of these labs, and these Black-Budget projects we have to remove their control of the money. Switching over the monetary system is needed to occur. That's why Russia and numerous other countries are moving to the Gold Standard." Alex Collier

The collapse of banks around the world is inevitable, Fulford reported. "This is a severe blow to the Rothschild banking family. A few days ago, the Federal Reserve Board in Washington was fenced and locked. Four days ago, the federal police entered Deutsche Bank and closed it. The same thing happened at the Bank of England." Almost all banks today are monitored and controlled by judicial police. 

Video: The Global Repository Trustee explains how the world was controlled. Some history of the controllers and the destruction of this system of control

How the Covert Satanists invaded Europe

Modern "Jews" have historically come from Khazars. A country known for their terrible satanic practices. They have descended from the Canaanites and Phoenicians, who moved north and maintained their worship of Baal, including child sacrifice, rapes and drinking blood.

The Khazars converted to Judaism in the 8th century and migrated west to Eastern Europe in the 12th and 13th centuries, when the Khazar Empire disintegrated. On their way to Europe, they took the name Ashkenazi Jews (while in fact they are the real enemy of the Jews). 

Wherever they went, people were terrified (children raped, ritually killed). For this reason, the English King prohibited their entry in the country. 100 years later, when they could enter, newspapers were again full of horrible stories of raped and killed children. Number of such Jewish groups were captured and admitted in court that they had these practices for centuries.

Study some history: In 1666 their messiah appeared, who openly preached incest, sex with children. He falsely incites them to accept another faith in order to conquer religions from within as they continue their Satanic practices. He and their later messiahs advocated their plan to Communize the whole world under their Satanic rule. Later they used Hitler to push the Jews out of Europe, so that they can establish Israel. Creating the Holocaust themselves was the best cover-story for their future atrocities. 

Black Magic at the Heart of the Monetary System

Gradually, with the use of Babylonian black magic, they became the bankers of the world. This is done by infiltrating the western kingdoms, becoming major bankers and, through their debts, seizing control of Western nations.

After the bankruptcy of monarchs, they acquired the right to inseminate the royal lineages until 2019. In recent years, many mass graves of ritually murdered children have been discovered in their Royal estates. Read

Now we see the same satanic practicers in Ukraine:
NEWS: "Satanic Statues Recovered From Russian Missile Strike in Ukraine — Russia Claims U.S. Mercenaries Fighting in Ukraine “Worship the Devil”" Russian news sources uncovered “U.S. mercenary unit comprised of former military and special operations currently in Ukraine, “worship the devil in the truest sense of the word.” (3)
How the Khazar Mafia (KM) Gained Global Control

After gaining control of the monarchs, the Rothschilds secretly began to rule the British Empire and expanded their model of control around the world. They made huge fortunes selling opium in China. It was Rothschilds who ordered the mass extermination and genocide against the indigenous people of North America. The Rothschilds began the international slave trade, an enterprise that treated these abducted people as ordinary animals. Attitude they imposed on half of humanity through their Marxist-Communism, ideologically excusing human slaughter and mass killing. 

Karl Marx was a cousin of Rockefeller given the mission to infiltrate socialism and make ideology that denies God and excuses treating humans like animals. 

Rothschild bankers learned early on that war was a great way to double their money in a short time by lending to the two warring parties. In 1913, by bribing dishonest traitors of Congress, they passed the illegal, unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act on Christmas Eve without the necessary quorum.

Thus, the KM and the Rothschilds created the illegal taxation system. They print money out of nowhere on all central banks, for which the states are in debt to pay them interest on this money. In other words, the whole world is entering into debt bondage. Even the Internal Revenue Service is their private tax collection agency registered in Puerto Rico. And those who try to get out of this debt monetary system quickly find themselves under vicious attack. 

"The Rothschilds and the Khazars can never allow an economic system that does not depend on usury." 

The Bolsheviks were created by the Khazar mafia as revenge for the defeat of Khazaria in 1000 AD.  This explains the extreme violence. Under the direction of KM-Rothschild, approximately 100 million Russians, including women, children and infants, were raped, tortured and massacred.

"Тhey continued to infiltrate and abduct all officials, including church systems, Freemasonry (especially the Scottish Rite and York Rite), the military and most private defense contractors, the judiciary and more agencies in the stateс, including many governments." Khazarian History

In present days the Khazar-Mafia uses bio-weapons and genetic modification to turn us into obedient sheep. Bill Gates, who is a Rockefeller too, also works to destroy faith, by attacking the God gene through vaccines. Reed, Vaccines to Eliminate the God Gene Proposed by Bill Gates, to learn how "Vaccines were always used on humanity to target the nervous system and weaken the person's spiritual alarm, or electromagnetic shield." See also, The Spiritual Truth Behind Coronavirus

Bill Gates promised in his 2010 TED talk, to reduce the human population with 10-15% by using vaccines. Vaccines were used for at list 240 years with the purpose of spreading diseases and reducing the population, under the disguise of preventing it.


Our prayers and efforts should be focused on comforting God's heart and making His wishes come true," Father Moon explained. "We must connect with God's circumstances and heart, connecting with our Heavenly Parent's circumstances, wishes and worries to my life."

The Ideological Victory is Crucial

The collapse of this evil empire was impossible without ideological and spiritual victory. 

Dr. San Myung Moon is known for his key role in the fall of Communism. President Reagan personally said, "We had the desire, but without Rev. Moon we would never have stopped Communism." Read  

The Rev. Sun Myung Moon motivated to bring end to communism
World leaders today are aware of the role of the Washington Times in this ideological victory. This explains the huge, unjustified persecution against Rev. Moon. He unified world leaders to bring a Peaceful and Liberated world. And now we see an International Alliance externally fighting the Deep State structures worldwide.

That explains the 'Benefits of the Age' - once the spiritual foundation for God to work is there, all humanity benefits... everyone can more easily grow to the level that is opened. The Resonance of Heart of all humanity rises - which leads more and more people to tune to that frequency and elevate themselves. But makes Satan minions on earth to work harder and harder to keep the low vibrations. So their actions become even more desperate and obvious. Just what's happening now!

Unity is Important to Win Over Darkness

Father Moon always supported the White Hats who fought against the Satanic Cabal (General MacArthur, Eisenhower, Nixon, Reagan...)

We are talking Q-Clearance generals who dedicated to end the Satanic Sovreignty on earth. This White Hat, Q Movement, is all about Dark to Light. It started with MacArthur and a group of generals. Remember, Father Moon made a movie about MacArthur. From 200 Generals in JFK time, it grew up to 800 Generals, who called Trump to become President, so that they can take down this Satanic Cabal in a peaceful way. Now you see Pres. Trump, his VP and his spiritual adviser working closely with True Mother Moon. See, Rev. Moon and Lincoln's Descendants

In what else we are connected with the White Hats? New Yorker Hotel, that Father Moon owns, was where Nikola and John G. Trump came up with the beyond-brilliant plan to save humanity in the future. They vowed to do everything they could to ensure Humanity's exit from this matrix. From there they tested ionizing H2O molecules, creating neon aqua blue sky in the night, a test that the Q Team duplicated in Operation Blue Skies. See, THE TESLA-TRUMP-MOON CONNECTION

A global operation to break up the Deep State

Let me just remind you; It's not Russia alone. It's a Military Operation carried by 32 nations Special Forces. This was ongoing for more than 2 years now all over the world. (See map) On Telegram you can see many photos and videos. Many of them are horrifying experiments and child abuse. (1)(2)(3) Keep following the intel I bring you. Keep praying for God's victory.

As Kirsten reported, "Everything is backed up by the Space Force and the Global Military Alliance. They are the guys with the White Hats, overseeing the global operation." She explains the positive changes to be realized as this broken financial system is being fixed. (Video)

These special operations are liberating Ukraine in a spec operation. What you hear in the media is only a cover, so that the Cabal cannot learn what's upon them.  

 The Original Plan for Ukraine

In the original Cabal Plan - the War was ordered to make money, produce refugees and make their New Israel (Restored Khazaria). Video is in Russian
"The war in Ukraine is a Covid-style war. It's all media. Of course there are refugees. That, yes. But the Ukrainian government and the Russian government are in a secret agreement... to create this media thing." UKRAINE: WAR IS FAKE
Since we understand the history of Khazaria and their satanic ritual killings of children etc, we cannot deny that Ukraine was groomed by the Cabal's mafia with the end purpose to completely overtake the country. (See facts)

Ukraine War Providentially

Look at the war in Ukraine the last 8 years. Big corruption - the normal people suffer. USA and NATO involved. But can we see what's really happening spiritually? See my previous report on the War.

As Unificationists we see - both Russian and Ukrainian people are victims of political games of the Deep State (Cabal)

A wounded resident of Mariupol told how Ukrainian troops fired on residential areas from tanks and mortars. "We didn't understand who the Ukrainian tanks were shooting at, the Russians weren't even in the city then." (Video testimony

We can never forget that in a war both sides are God's children and both sides suffer. The Cabal that was always behind both sides of all wars are those who benefit and enrich themselves. They are the ones we want to see exposed and finally comprehended. What if we look at the war from this perspective?  

1. World Exit of the Cabal Banking System

Now we see one by one countries removing this False Banking Regime. January 2019 - Japan... Russia did it... One by one, nations follow. You'll see more and more corrupt governments collapsing; Mianmar, Afghanistan... now Guinea. (1) And what happened after the arrest of the corrupt president in Guinea? (2) The central bank building was on fire. (1)
22 nations have already backed their money with Gold. In following weeks 30 more nations are to finalize their exit. 

"Russia exited the Matrix first. Russia kicked out the Rothschilds in 2019. Russia has the ruble now fully backed by gold. India, China and Russia have long had a different monetary system apart from SWIFT.

When Saddam Hussein announced in Iraq that he would no longer accept the US dollar for oil, two months later the war broke out in Iraq and Saddam Hussein was murdered.

Many wars were started to preserve the American dollar. When Moammer Gaddafi created an evaluated currency for Africa, Western military power went to Libya and assassinated Gaddafi. Now Russia has finally broken the Petrol-Dollar (Fiat Money).

Russia seems to lead the way out of the Matrix leaving behind the corrupt financial system, the media, the internet. Exposing the NWO, EU, US, NATO, the UN, CERN, the WHO, the CIA, the MOSSAD. Russia is on it’s way to implement the free world outside the matrix of the Cabal that we have been trapped in for centuries." Capt Kyle

Look at the map, 80 to 90 % of the world are standing with Russia despite the negative propaganda of the Cabal Media. Why? Because they see the global picture. You try to exit the matrix, they will smash you. But now numerous nations want to get out of the Cabal monetary control. 

Legitimate Concern:

But what we are concerned is that if Russia and China lead the way to a new system, they inevitably will impose their dictatorial ways of governance. The White Hats explanation is that they are also cleaning Russia and China. That Space Force is in control. Communism will be no more. And in the new paradigm everyone will have right on self-determination and self-governance. People will vote not for politicians, but for what is to be done. 

While the Cabal forces are still trying to complete world Communization through the Covid Bio attacks, Lockdowns and dangerous Vaxine programs, the White Hats are using that as a chance to bring down the whole Cabal system. Officially Lockdowns are because of the Virus, but in reality they are mostly done in areas where Cabal cleaning operations are ongoing. These operations include making former corrupt Politicians to assist bringing the Cabal structures down. 

2. War against the Cabal's global child trafficking

Did you hear, "Russian forces freed 35,000 children held captive in Ukraine. We will see more in the coming weeks...." That explains the fury of the Cabal media against Russia. But how God feels? Will God help him or the traffickers? 

"Russian forces had recovered a dusty ledger from a storage building in the Port of Mariupol converted into a processing center from where children had been shipped in and out of Ukraine. The ledger, Putin said, held made-up names, dates, genders, and ages of children whom traffickers had shipped out of country." HUNDREDS OF PEDOPHILE CAMPS SCATTERED IN UKRAINE

"Pedophile rings across Ukraine have been using “humanitarian corridors” to escape Vladimir Putin’s war against the child traffickers and bioterrorists.” Putin told Trump that Russian Special Forces had liberated an additional 1,600 imprisoned children from “dens of filth” and killed the traffickers guarding them, but some are escaping with innocent victims.

The Russian military stopped a train full with mostly children and few adults. “67 children taken off that train, 67 from many countries, many Russian children. In interviews they said they were kidnapped, and the fake teachers had no credentials, no papers. These filths are trying to take children now to other countries to sell them, since we are stopping them here,” Putin told Trump. See the Article

You see that Putin and Trump are united in the war on child trafficking. This war gained power in 2017 with Trump's election. See video of him declaring that war. Now Putin's new cause became to destroy every ‘filth and scum’ pedophile and every hellish child trafficking ring infesting the country. And don't be shocked when evil people turn to do good, or openly expose themselves. White Hat operations.


3. Replacing Cabal leaders with White Hats

The original Putin was a Cabal - from the Black Sun Cult / He would never go against the Rothschild Fiat money and their Cabal Bio-weapon labs and Pedo-Camps

You think Putin was evil - you are correct! Putin was from the Black Sun Cult. Yes, he was of this Lucifer worshiping cult. But at some point he turned against the Cabal. Reportedly he was killed. We see a double!

Who controls this last double of Putin is the real question? What are their aims? I only rise these questions - showing you that both options are possible; (1) He is fulfilling the original Cabal plan or (2) he is under the White Hats (fighting the Cabal).
Putin was from the Cabal. Not only was he from the Black Sun Cult, but in 2015 he was chosen as their leader - Pindar. Later that position was given to Obama and Putin was killed. 
The last double of Putin is openly working with the White Hats. Deception or not,  his actions are helping the White Hats now in the fight with the Cabal. 
  • Illegal, dangerous Bio-Labs exposed and destroyed by the Russians
  • Neo-Nazis who unpunished have killed innocent for 8 years are rounded
  • Underground tunnels with kidnapped children and experiments on humans taken down
  • Russia and number of allied nations transited away from the Rotchild-Khazarian Mafia Bank system into a new gold-backed monetary system.
Other signs that the New Putin works with the White Hats, is the assistance Russia gave in cleaning up the Cabal bases on the bottom of the Geneva Lake. Remember also that Russian 'Z' forces were helping Italy during the start of the pandemic in 2020 (i.e. taking out the Italian DUMBS). 'Z' is also a White Hat's sign, used by JFK Jn. and others who "lost their lives" in fighting the Cabal. And here is the White Hat's promise:


4. Sting and Cleaning Operations behind the Lockdowns

In captured laboratories Russians found the production of the Corona Virus, how it was spread, and the World Health Organizations's involvement in this crime:
The Russians captured a large number of migratory birds with microchip-controlled capsules containing various plagues... could be opened by satellite command where they would cause the most damage. The locations of the American laboratories that manufacture these biological weapons in 36 countries was presented to the Security Council. Fulford Report

So last week China and Russia gave ultimatum to the US Army to either destroy the Khazar Mafia (KM), or we will face a total war with a nuclear/scalar weapon. The US military imediately responded by sending a plane with more than 100 generals representing all military units. An agreement was reached to kill all well-known KM members on the spot, according to Pentagon and Mi6 sources." “Biden’s days are numbered, regimes will collapse and heads of those countries participating in this scheme will be overthrown,” the sources promise.

(1) It is good that “Thousands of children were rescued from pedophile camps and from Biden-owned Ukraine property.”  

(2) It is good that the Nazis are exposed and eliminated. For they were the once raping and killing innocent women and children the last 8 years.

(3) It is good to block the Israel agenda, to restore their Homeland of Khazaria in the territory of Ukraine, where they wanted to freely practice their ancient Satanic practices, including kidnaping, raping and ritually killing your children. Ukrainians don't want and don't need that. 

(3) It's good to expose and be aware that the signs of the Back Sun Cult and the Khazarian Logo are accepted officially by corrupted Ukrainian politicians. Ukrainian country has been long sold to foreign corrupted interests. Ukrainians need freedom of that mafia and corruption. 

(4) It's good to remove the dangerous USA Bio-Labs illegally created in their country. They were researching specifically how to target the gene of the Slavic people and experimenting with Ukrainian people. 

Think of God's painful heart, when He see his children suffering (Testimonies) in Ukraine; all the Drug and child trafficking rings, Baal and Nazi worshiping groups. See, Who Ordered and Payed the War and what is the Cabal's plan for Ukraine. 

In the next report I explain the last strikes over the Satanic structures. Very important providential changes that just happened behind the scene. Amazing news. It's unbelievable. Read


Building a movement in more than 190 countries in their lifetime, is unbelievable achievement of Rev. and Mrs. Moon. But when you read the satanic history and see what they were fighting with, makes their achievement impossible. Yet, with God's power behind they did it. Satan is no longer in control.

As Father Moon explained, "Since humankind has received satanic blood, people cannot return to God on their own. So the Messiah must accomplish absolute restoration of the lineage, renewing the blood line that was defiled by Satan." 

Now that Satan's lineage is loosing power, his sovereignty is naturally collapsing. True Father explained that we should not hold on these collapsing structures as if they are our only salvation. Just the opposite, they have to go, so that the new world of the Culture of Heart can emerge. 

Rev. Moon told us the only way to heaven is to create true, loving families - and now is up to us to realize it and build towns and nations substantializing this ideal.

Substantially that means the restoration of the Four Realms of Heart. Therefore, homosexuality, pedophilia, free sex and all other consequences of the Fall have to go. Only the culture of true and loving families can be the foundation of God's ideal world. This world is coming now. The Blessed Unification families are the ones bringing this revolution of heart and conscience around the world. 


Question: Do you mean that you are completely supporting Putin's war?

Putin is dead for few years now. So, there is no Putin's war. Question is who is behind this war? Who pulls the strings? Answer is - Israel ordered the war! 

- "Israel ordered the war" - I totally agree!

Research their plan to establish New Israel in Ukraine. But do you know why? What connects them to that land?

- I know that in Ukraine are many jews, and they want to build New Israel Kingdom after the war in Ukraine. 

Do you know why? - Why? Historic reasons. - Which are that historic reasons?

Yes, they want to eliminate the not needed people, in order to build New Israel. First, the bankers who restored Israel are not real Jews. They are Khazarian jews. So Israel is not their original land. Khazaria is. But where was Khazaria located?

- Somehere in Ukraine? 

Yes, they want back their original homeland. 

- Ok, I see

Ukraine government was taken by the Khazarian mafia in 2014. So it works with them.

- Interesting..

Here is the history... according to KGB documents that were made secret. Khazarian mafia ordered to kill the population with starvation and replace the intelligent people with Khazarian jews. They even altered the language to create new identity. 

- Officially Ukrainians are now saying that they are renewing Ukrainian Identity. And Ukrainian people are listening them and follow. 

Look, that article is showing how Khazarian Media manipulates this war. (UKRAINE: WAR IS FAKE;) And look at all the Khazarian and Luciferian logos already used in the country. See, DEVIL WARSHIP, NAZISM AND PEDOPHILIA IN UKRAINE. Khazarian agenda was slowly infiltrated. Look at the HUNDREDS OF PEDOPHILE CAMPS SCATTERED IN UKRAINE

- Ok

Here is the history: After the Red Revolution they Killed the 3 million inteligencia and replaced them with Cult, known as Shabbath. Khazarians who claim to be Jews… that was in Ukraine. 
- I am neighbour of Ukraine. From Moldova. Thats why for me this is very important. Moldova during the centuries was attacked many times by the neighbours and we were always subjugated by others. Do you know the role in Providence of Moldova in this region? True Mother said about Moldova... can be the first restored nation.

Moldova and Bulgars were neighbours of Khazaria if you look at the maps of the time. All neighbours united to destroy Khazaria 1000 years ago. Do you know why?

- No. Why?

What was Khazaria famous for? Practicing Satanism (Babilonian black magic)… kidnapping children... ritual killings. They were famous with human and slave trafficking. 

- Something I heard about this through Russians historic cartoons

Killing passengers and taking their identity. So they were charging huge sums to pass safely their territory. They wrote on paper the amount… that's how they went into Banking and lending money. 

- And do you mean that they want to regain their territory to practice satanism again?

Oh, yes! But where did they run after Russia destroyed their country?

- USA? Or Israel?

No! That happened later. First, they spread throughout Europe. 

- I see.

That's why in that period there was huge influx of Ashkenazi Jews (Ashkanazi - area of Turkey where they stayed for awhile). They pretended to be jews to hide their identity. Originally they are from Canaanite satanic practicing tribes. Meaning enemies of the real Jews. They often take the identity of their enemies. 

- So painful history fo God (Crying face)

So they came and gradually took over the Banking system of Europe.

- Seeing all this. 

Step by step infiltrated the Royal lineages, by bringing them into debth, through marriage or by manipulation and force. The “Murder rituals” were so that Lucifer will give them power to full people accept their fake money. 

Many old writings prove they always kept practicing satanism. British were horrified and for long period forbid them from entering. Because the caught number of such Khazarian-jews kidnapped and killed children ritually. Society was in horror. 

- I want to cry from injustice.

They were printing money from nothing and charging governments huge interest. Gradually all governments became indebted. So they could control and manipulate them. 

- Amaising… painful.

Creating wars was the way they got richer and richer. Because wars put kings and governments in huge depth. 

That's why they specialized in creating  artificially enemies and resentments. They payed the Red Revolution... yet raised Hitler as opposition. Why? Always working to prepare the next war. First making people hate each other to excuse that.

That's why The Divine Principle says, that Satan purposefully gave up Nazism, to Communism. Hitler, Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin… all Khazarian Jews. 

They were all Satan's creation (Khazarians are his minions). They follow Lucifer, in exchange for money and power. Reed their history: HISTORY OF CANAANITE SATANISM

- Yes, they already are preparing some next Crisis.

- But how to win over them and bring the world to follow True Mother vision? Do you have some plan?

Yes, God has plan. Read of Rev. Moon’s spiritual victory over them. See, . That’s why they are collapsing now. So desperate to find way to survive. But there is no such way.  See, THE END OF SATAN'S CORPORATION. Whatever they do is just self-destruction now. 


  1. I watched that interview with Israeli representative who talks about New Israel state on the territory of Ukraine. Just wow! They are not hiding their plans. Few important points from that interview. 1.They are planning to have there nuclear weapons in order to bomb all unfriendly nations around (remember Zelensky talking about acquiring nuclear weapons? By the way Zelensky is a jew.) 2.They want to make the Donbass territory a place of continuous conflict similar as Sector Gasa. 3. This Israeli representative admits that Hollinwood and Las Vegas is run by Jews. (isn't Hollywood and Las Vegas an industry of moral degradation propaganda?) 4. They will change the names of cities on the New Israel territory. One of the cities will be called Khazarsk! This is direct reference to Khazaria. 5. They expect that when Putin will be replaced with more "democratic" president, Krimea will be returned to New Israel. 6. And most shocking for me was this Israeli representatives gift to the viewers of this interview: a high quality pornographic book! Doesn't this tell the standard of moral values of these people! How can they claim to be Jews when they do not follow the 10 commandments.

  2. I was very disappointed when Sunhak prise was given to Astra Zeneca and Gavi (vaccine alliance which collaborates with Gates foundation). By the way Mr. Barroso (chair of the Sunhak peace prize Committee) is also chair of the board of Gavi (Conflict of interest?) and non-executive chairman of Goldman Sachs Bank in London. But then I thought maybe this is the way of God, the way of Jacob who gave everything to his brother who sought to kill him.

  3. Thank you for posting this important information. Sometimes I feel so hopeless, as everywhere people just believe in what the tv shows and even in the church, no one speaks the way you do. Sometimes I feel very tired in many ways.......Thank you very much

    1. Be aware that numerous members support me and are getting in touch for advice. Many things I report are beforehand discussed with many members that I respect and trust. Some of them are leaders and missionaries with unquestionable faith and deep spirituality.

      We do have to understand that in different countries the Media misinformation can be very strong and confusing some members. But such situations depend on the standing of the particular nation and the personal responsibility of members to pray and discern the truth.

  4. Thank you for your vision of the Providence at this important time, it strengthens me and supports deeply what you are sharing.

  5. Sincere question to all wonderful Ukrainians:

    (0) Are you against that - “Thousands of children rescued, mutilated bodies recovered, from Biden-owned Ukraine property.”

    (1) As Ukrainian are you proud with the Nazis in your military? And with them raping and killing innocent women and children the last 8 years?

    (2) As Ukrainian - do you agree with the Israel agenda, to restore their Homeland of Khazaria in the territory of Ukraine, where they can freely practice their ancient Satanic practices?

    (3) Are you proud with the sign of the Back Sun Cult and the Khazarian Logo accepted officially by your politicians? Not realizing that your country has been long sold to foreign corrupted interests?

    (4) As Ukrainian - you agree or you are against the dangerous USA Bio-Labs illegally created in your country? Researching specifically how to target the gene of the Slavic people.

    (5) People of my country were bombarded for weeks by the Ukrainians, but were saved, comforted and safely carried out by the Russians. Why???