QUESTION ON Intellect, Morality and Meditation

QUESTION: 2nd gen. presented her work paper from her college of philosophy in Korea. she talked about 3 aspect of faith( intellect, morality and meditation) and about key for to develop healthy faith is balancing these 3 aspects .Do you know how unification Thought look at this??

I hope 2nd gen. can learn one simple rule.. Connect everything to the Principle view. I have no idea what principle connection between intellect, morality and meditation you see... I don't see it clearly. But here is what I see:

In DP we have Formation, Growth, Completion... Intellect is connected with Religion/Science (Search for Truth). Emotions with Art & Beauty. Will with Goodness. Primary stage of Intellect development is the Growth stage. That's why the top of the Growth stage resonance (400 Hz) is the resonance of Reason (Truth). 

Look at the Unification Thauth chart of our Mind's Four Position Foundation: Give/Take of (REASON - CONCEPTS), facilitated by EMOTIONS, crates Idea = 'Plan', that activates the WILL power.

Yes, Growth stage is connected with development of Intellect (Ethical Norms), and yes.. the Growth Stage is connected with Spiritual conditions like (prayer, meditation, reading the Word). Thus, I confirm the connection between the Intellect, the Ethical Norms, and Spiritual conditions like prayer and meditation...

But, what I don't understand is, why this focus only on the Growth Stage... Where is Formation (Growing in a loving environment, absorbing True Love)? Without growing with true parental love, that is impossible to develop. 

One cannot go Growth Stage, without successful Formation. 

Where is the Completion stage (Love - Heart) LFSO, unconditional - Parental stage of love? The growth stage of Reason (Truth) is not the purpose. The end goal is to develop our hearts. Learn unconditional parental love. And the first step for that is to receive the marriage Blessing. Live for your spouse. Meaning, go beyond your selfish desires. And have children. Experience the heart of living totally sacrificing yourself for them, and experiencing the highest joy in that. Thus understanding God's Parental Heart.

Where is the real relation with God?

No healthy faith, if just Rational. Need of real spiritual sensibility to God. Real relationship Parent-Child. Our faith is not just rational. We are endowed with emotional sensibility to God's Heart, DP explains. 

Our Intellect, Emotion and Will can all respond to God's Intellect, Emotion and Will. We are all created as Temples of God. Once we fulfill our responsibility and reach perfection, God is liberated to live, express and enjoy through us. 

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