Bloodlines Given to Rule on behalf of Lucifer

Bloodline Wars

Restoration was going by God's constant work to separate good and evil, the Divine Principle explains. Especially separating the lineage. Even Satan can only work based on lineage connection, Father explained. That's the Principle.

"The Fall has resulted in a connection of blood that has nothing to do with God... The devil, through the Fall, sowed the seeds of false love, false life and false lineage." Sun Myung Moon, CSG

After realizing, HOW REAL AND EVIL IS SATANISM TODAY, we have to ask the questions: Who are the Ruling Bloodlines? Who gave them the right to rule? How God separates good and evil today? This CIG Report gives the current world situation of these 'special' bloodlines, and their inner fight after Lucifer stepped down. 

Before starting I want to remind you that, "The Christians of today are adopted sons... come from a different bloodline," Father said (CSG, 1256). And now, after the appearance of the True Parents, we are all to be engrafted into the direct bloodline of God. So it all depends on your lineage where you belong, to God or to Satan. Also, let's remember,

"The fundamental problem lies in the lineage. Any problems related to the bloodline cannot be resolved by fallen human beings. That is why humankind needs the Messiah." CSG, 1262

The Game of Thrones

The false realities are now disappearing. They were fake created to confuse you - by politicians and media. But now the truth is visible through. 

Even looking at politics today, we have to first know, who's lineage they represent. Those who were allowed to rule were from the Satanic groomed bloodline. Swallow that! So , what's your stand on this 'Breaking News?'

Trump Just Truthed He’s “The Real Commander-In-Chief” Scavino Added, “Behind The Scenes”

The Department of Defense also declared on CBN, just days ago, that Biden is a legitimate president only of the bankrupt US Corporation. 

"Biden is a legitimate president but only of what is now the bankrupt US Corporation. And that was a treaty of 1871... The 2018 executive order outlaws, any foreign interference in future elections..." (CBN 30:40)

She also said,  this Indictment on Trump allows us to bring all the evidence of the election crimes in court. That's why, Pres. Trump himself repeated few times, he needs to be indicted one more time in order to bring down this election fraud. 

But while we are focused on this theater of who is legitimate president, who is a dead person with a mask, the reality is that millions of people, country after country, are killed or displaced, their properties burned, bombed or flooded, just to open the way for the Great Cabal Reset and build the new AI digital-prison-cities - part of the new Communist Order. 

Also, with all this noise about the Child and Human Trafficking (see, THE SOUND OF FREEDOM), we just see the trafficking increasing and increasing. In fact, escalating to enormous proportions, where whole nations are being pushed to go out. And Ukraine is only one of them.

"More then 14 million Ukrainians have left the country and say, will not go back. Ukrainian nation has been destroyed." Col. D. Macgregor  

This video demonstrates how the authorities serve the rulers against the people. Hawaii fires are evidence of their criminal nature. 

War on Humanity Escalated

This war is a war of one bloodline against the other. One is on the side of Satan, the other on the side of God. 

Yes, the war on humanity has only been escalated. As the Divine Principle explains, they are sensing their end. They will destroy everting to keep their power. Meanwhile we are entertained with the stupid political show, expecting a new 'Savior' - another powerless showmen, and his hopium, lies, and delusions. 

Maui insiders now say, thousands of children were kidnapped during this disaster by child traffickers. (Video) And that's their pattern with all the disasters worldwide. Create fires, flood, storm or war, and use it to get thousands missing, while kidnapping them and use them for organ or human trafficking.

Maui Death Toll Rises, Number of Missing Remains a Mystery. The number of people who are missing is unaccounted. Most of the victims are children. (1) (Video)

Greedy billionaires wanted the land of the people. The houses were burned surgically, while plants were left intact. Energy directed weapons. 

Why only the blue car didn't burn, while all around did? Laser frequency weapon does not burn blue. (51:23 min)

Now the people who's houses survived receive eviction notice. Plans are ready to build 15 minutes Smart Cities - AI prisons.  

We hear report of Marine attacks on the FEMA operatives involved in trafficking of hundreds of bodies in Maui. Had shootout after Marines caught FEMA red-handed burying corpses in an earthen grave. 

"Sun. 20 Aug. Marines neutralized fleeing FEMA convoy in Maui. They found 113 bodies at the gravesite. (46:32)

They used predictive programing in the Robocop movie of 1987, telling us what they plan to do. It says - "Misfired Laser Cannon of Strategic Defense scorched 10,000 acres residential land... 113 known dead." (43:18

"Wed. 23 Aug. Military arrests FEMA Deputy Administrator Erik Hooks, after Marines on the scene have found 250 bullet-filled corpses, the wounds consistent with the arms used by FEMA. That's why they were trying to hide them in mass gravesite at the Maui Forest Reserve." RRN 

Despite the incredible increase of mortality due to the Covid Vaccines, we don't see big progress in stopping them, but we see gradual waking up - sort of exit from the ignorance of these evils. Genetic research found out that "all spike proteins are venoms, causing blood-cots, they also placed them in the vaccines" (Video). 

"120,000 American Children 'Died Suddenly' after Covid Shots Rollout and hundreds of Pilots are dropping dead inflight." CIG Health Report

Remember, Trump was the 'father of these vaccines' and without him this Plandemic would have been impossible. (4) Now they are developing even mRNA vaccines delivered through milk and food. They are poisoning us, using lab created bio-weapons. And now, Whistleblowers exposing the truth of the vaccines are targeted and poisoned.  

That's why Isaiah 28:18 says

"And your covenant with death shall be disannulled, and your agreement with hell shall not stand; when the overflowing scourge shall pass through, then ye shall be trodden down by it."

The whole governmental system, all world structures are working in tandem against humanity - intentionally bringing death. They put it in the water, in the air (with Chemtrails), in the food, and used media and governments to lie and place restrictions.  (see also, THEir GREEN SCAM: WEATHER WARFARE). So much synchronised power. Who has it? Who is that evil?

"We know that the house of Adrenochrome, Child Trafficking Cartel, comes out of the Deep State houses - Canaanite families - that trace their lineage back to the Phoenicians and the inter breathing between the species." SGanon

The fact that now we see and distinguish these evils is a fulfillment of Father Moon's words:

"Up until now, good and evil were in a muddle, crisscrossing over each other while ascending and descending. But from now on, I see us entering a new dimensional age, in which good and evil can be completely separated." (Sun Myung Moon, CSG, 740)

Bloodlines Given to Rule on behalf of Lucifer

As The Divine Principle explains, "Satan relates with them on the basis of his connection with them through lineage."

Just as God had to purify the lineage for thousands of years until the Messiah could be born as a sinless man, Satan also depends on grooming his evil lineage, void of empathy and conscience. Who are this selected Satanic lineage?

The bloodline Satanists are around 1% of humanity. Around 70 million that are born in this bloodline, raised with Satanic practices. They pride themselves to be descendants of Cain, conceived directly from Lucifer's sexual act with Eve. In the report, THE BATTLE WITH DARKNESS, we explained more about these 13 main Illuminati bloodlines.

Video documentary explains, "The Blue Bloods were chosen to rule in place of the Anunnaki. They are a sub-group. They chose this group and gave them a special amount of DNA to make them more aggressive (Psychopathic - void of empathy). They are the Royals and the leaders of industries we see around us, because they have the Reptilians blood." And their bloodline is all hierarchical. They were left to rule on behalf of Lucifer and his demons. You can see the reptilian imagery even in the churches. They want to capture the earth in the best way possible, and the best way is by genetic breeding. (1:04 hour)
These are the people who became pillars of the society, Fritz explains. With their multiple personality they could be the ideal Christian, while secretly making human sacrifices at night.
Jessie depicts their inner structure (Video). At the top you have the Mother's of Darkness, the Satanic Council, the Grand High Priest and Priestesses, than gets down to Regional Priests and Priestesses overseeing the 5 Departments: the Masons, the Mormons, the Jesuits, the Satanists and the Cabbalah.

Keeping this Lineage is Very Important for Them

They have Guardians of the Galaxy that protect 'the seed of Cain'. (1) The Knights (of Malta, as Templars in the past) are the keepers of the 'Holy Seed' (The Holy Grail as they call it), which represents the blood or the seed of the Cain lineage, Jessie explains. Trying to collect that DNA of the Giants produced by the fallen angels. (3)

"All individuals are the fruit of the love, life and lineage that they inherited from their ancestors. This means that people have inherited Satan’s love, Satan’s life and Satan’s blood. They stand in the position of God’s enemy." Father Moon, CSG, p.189

Knowing that you can understand why it is so important for them to be of several generations of that lineage raised to practice Satanism. Each of this bloodline is obligated to do their quoter. Their first-born is to be killed or change gander in perversion towards God. They are killed if they try to escape, talk, or avoid participation. But those who succeeded to get out talk of rape, torture and participation in ritual satanic murder from the earliest age. Yes, they are even asked to either kill their first-born, or change it's gender. It's all to pervert all that God created.

"These people did not become rich an powerful and then join the Illuminati. They became rich and powerful, because they were Illuminati." Jessie

COMMENT: "It is absolutely is all about the lineage....True Parents emphasize this in EVETY speech..."

If The First Ancestors were perfected and created ideal family, Father Moon explains, 

"God can enter this branch temple, and Adam and Eve can function in an ideal way only when God comes and dwells within them and acts. Without God acting, they would not know God’s will. They would not know anything at all" (CSG, 96). 

That's why the fall was separation from God's lineage and descend into Ignorance. Lucifer, as a false god, and false parent, became the ruler of this world. 

Same Bloodline Behind all the Past Satanic Civilizations 

Wed. 16 Aug. former head of FBI exposed Weishaupt, the German who started the Illuminati in 1776. After 28 years of research he says they are the very essence of all the problems in America and around the world. (48:09)

But these bloodlines go way back and have been behind all the past satanic civilizations.. In contact with few Illuminati groups Fulford writes, "They claim to be descendants of the bloodline of Pharaohs and Caesars and have inherited knowledge from past civilization that allows them to connect with demons, jinns, angels and other beings we now call extraterrestrials. See, FATHER'S VICTORY OVER SATAN & THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN

Their plan required the destruction of all existing governments and religions, by dividing the masses into opposing camps - political, racial, social, economic and other issues. Arm both sides, provide 'incident' to cause them fight and weaken themselves. To achieve that, they have infiltrated every part of our society; Secret Service, Judiciary, Military, Religions, and the Governments. 

To be able to infiltrate, Jessie explains, these Bloodlines use 'double speak'. (Video) A book written by them can contain several layers. These who are lower in the pyramid will understand only the first level. But those higher, will know exactly what is the message for each level below. Such double speech is typical of all sociopaths and manipulators. Most obvious example is how Trump is using it, giving few different messages in the same sentence. 

Created Borders and Nations to Control us

I recently studied the historic records from 400-450 AD, of how Atilla moved with his army dividing big regions into smaller, more controllable nations. Placing local responsible governors to keep the people under control and collect the taxes. Most of today's borders were established from him. That corresponds to the beginning of the 400 year 'Period of Christian Churches under the Patriarchal System.' (DP p.410)

As the Divine Principle explains about this period,

"politics, economy and religion tended to have a national focus. On the other hand... Christians were building a spiritual kingdom... transcended national barriers... Therefore, the spiritual kingdom of Jesus was not confined to any one nation, but expanded to the far-flung corners of the globe." Parallels of History

Today we are proud with our nations and bloody history. But let's face it: These ruling bloodlines created all the borders and divisions in order to rule over us and make us fight each other. As Father Moon explained:

"The highest level in the satanic world is that of a nation. Satan has always been opposing God’s will through nations. Since Satan has the nation, he has used it to strike heaven on the level of the individual, family, tribe, and people. Satan has constantly used a nation to block the path prepared by heaven." CSG, 195

According to Fulford, "the Gnostic Illuminati claim to have started the French and Russian revolutions. They claim that they are now undertaking the first world revolution." Their leader, Alexander Romanov, says, "former world chess champion Bobby Fischer planned this event to bring down the planet's secret rulers. Fischer's idea is to convince the bloodline rulers to go along with the plot, which will backfire and reveal their existence." In addition Fulford mentions, "the fragile truce between warring each other secret societies that continues to this day." 

The head of the snake has been cut first

"(to) save this world... First, God must expel the evil power of Satan from this sinful world... then continue until the good purpose of creation is fulfilled and God's direct dominion is established." DP, Last Days

According to some Military sources, connected with the 'White Hats', in 2020 the heads of all 13 Satanic Bloodlines got arrested. That's why Trump said, 

"The head of the snake has been cut first."

This is seemingly an end result of a long ongoing internal struggle, between the two Illuminati fractions. And here is the big news. Listen to the UK news on CBN, Dr. Hayes validates that: 

On 30 July 2018, when Trump walked in front of the Queen - this was not an accident, but the very Royal protocol for surrender. It validates that he has taken back the Corporation. (1:10)

Dr Jen Halbert Hayes, Department of Defense, also part of Trump's transition team. If you paid attention, many things that are disclosed now are so true and are exposing the real nature of the satanic sovereignty. We now realize that,

"Everything in our governments is captured. There is not even one Agency that is not working for the Corporation." (32:17)

The Department of Defense has the actual real result of the 2020 US election, she explained. To avoid civil war they allowed Biden, who is president only of the bankrupt, foreign Corporation - owned by the Crown, which also capitulated. See, QUEEN'S DEAD SIGNIFYING THE DEATH OF THE WESTERN POLITICAL AND MILITARY LEADERSHIP

According to the White Hats narrative: "Operation 'Defend Europe' started 17 March, 2020 with taking over Vatican and seizing all the Rothschilds central banks. Brexit has severed the Vatican's ropes, they say, and stripped the Royals of all assets.

But what is the agenda of the group standing behind Trump? Trump is himself from one of these Illuminati lineages. As they themselves claim, his and Kennedy's families are in some conflict with the rest of the 13 bloodlines. On the other side, Trump is also just a puppet, representing the Secret Space Force agenda, seemingly. Or at list, the fraction of them, who created the US Space Force and Musk. 

Trump did allow and sponsor the Vaccines - part of that evil agenda. So, even if the old visible puppets, from the Vatican and the Crown, are taken down this is only an inner shift of control. In best case scenario, the Black Sun Cult, behind the Secret Space Force, is taking over it's musters, the Dragon Families, or at least some of them. Could that bring something good, or just, as we observe, it will get even worse for humanity?

As Kim from the Global Repository commented, "The Kennedy family are part of the Order of the Black Sun. There is a long fight between Bush family and the Kennedy family. That's how they all died in this fight. But it was the Kennedy family that paid for the Moon landing movie fiasco. These money went for Black Projects. (Now the Russians paid billions to do the same.)"

But let us remember, how God works to re-establish the reign of goodness. As The Divine Principle explains:

"Although there have been times when evil seemed to prevail, in the end the relatively evil social and political forces declined and were absorbed by the more godly forces. The wars which have shaped the rise and fall of nations are thus unavoidable during the course of the providence to re-establish the reign of good." DP, Eschatology

Video discussing some of the recent military activity around the world. Countries gaining sovereignty. 

The Upcoming Change of the Paradigm

"The Last Days is this time, when the evil world under satanic sovereignty is transformed into the ideal world under God's sovereignty. Hell on earth will be transformed into the Kingdom of Heaven on earth." DP, Eschatology

Now the White Hats pretend to be working in that direction. Are they? The whole idea is that big part of the military is now standing against these 13 bloodlines and trying to overtake the control of the planet instead of them. Or this is just the story cover for morphing into the new system of control. Remember, 

"In its many centuries of existence, the Roman state evolved from a monarchy to a democratic republic and then to an increasingly autocratic military dictatorship during the Empire." 

Since US is providentially now in a parallel position to the Roman Empire, we can wonder how much it actually follows similar course. Meaning, transiting from Democracy to a form of visible or invisible military control. If you didn't know, US is under Martial Law since the 9-11 attacks of 2001. Yes, the government gave special military rights for surveillance, control, and use of force to maintain public rule and order in this self provoked emergency. But I'm sure most people never even realized that legal change, even though we all felt the growing pressure, resulting from that. We all start to feel very insecure - no real privacy. 

We have to realize, now, even for these ruling elites is way more convenient to expose their sub-servant Khazarain fake-Jew Bankers, and bring us into the New Paradigm of military control of the production, economy, transport, information and politics. And talking about military, the Secret Space Force is the one that had all the secret technologies.  

Two options of the future military control: Protect our freedom, or remove our freedom

So they are in front of an important choice; either declassify these technologies, while keeping control on safety, production and distribution (thus getting very, very rich). Or keeping it still secret under some very oppressive Communist-like world, so information cannot come out, or those who know can be suppressed. 

The fact that Robert Kennedy Jn. pretended to be Anti-Vax hero, only to now emerge as firm supporter of the Climate Change agenda, confirms that suppressing our freedoms is clearly their plan. 

(1) Quantum Transition

Thus, from one side we could expect a transition towards some new Quantum digital money, new quantum Internet, new Magneto-gravitational transport, and economy of space mining, space 3D printing production. And to guarantee it's security, Military will have to be in control of the Internet, monetary and information transactions, and all this space travel and production. 

If we exclude the danger of total spying and control; chipping and manipulating our energy fields, emotions and thoughts, basically it seems that this could be a beautiful world. Especially if it's not too much limiting our freedoms, and too obviously Communist and Totalitarian. 

We could even hope that this could be a step towards the establishment of God's Ideal on earth (CIG), if the Culture of Heart is allowed to expand in such environment. 

(2) No marriage and no freedom at all

However, the danger is that if such new social constructs allows for the freedom of the immoral homo and transgender satanic agendas, God's moral side can find itself under immense persecution and suppression. 

20 years ago, Dr. John Coleman, Intelligence Officer, exposed their plan, to eventually create a world with no freedom at all, where marriage will be outlawed and everyone be obligated to participate in free sex from early age, pornography become part of movies, theaters and education. (54:15)

As implementation of this plan the Committee of 300 has already penetrated and subverted all governments through the World Economic Forum and United Nations to destroy the sovereign integrity of the nations. It has taken control of the education system targeting our innocent children through homosexuality, transgenderism and pedophilia. 

So, will we accomplish our responsibility this time? Will we be mature to win ideologically over that evil? Remember what the Principle says:

"Yet because people failed to accomplish their portion of responsibility, God's efforts to destroy the evil sovereignty were frustrated, and He had to begin once again the providence to separate good from evil." DP, Eschatology


Armies were used to control people under taxation from ancient times

We can also draw another historical parallel from the rule of Atilla, 430 to 453 years after Jesus. He used his military might and wisdom to come the Ruler of the World. He used his military to appoint governors, establish cities and nations all over the place. Through marriage with wives from different cultural groups his descendants became the rulers of all these newly created nations and transformed Europe and the world. 

And now we hear of increasing military control:

"Over 30 corrupt governments to be overthrown in military coups," says the Situation Report. And the self proclaimed White Hats constantly talk of a world military take-over, trying to convince us that will be something good.

So what will be this military driven transformation today? Whatever the future outcome, we can now appreciate the mass exposure of the perverted satanic ideologies and their manipulative tactics. As the Divine Principle explains,

"To extirpate evil by its root, and thereby end sinful history and usher in an era of goodness, we must first expose the motivation and origin of Satan and recognize the destruction he has wrought in human life." The Human Fall

Satanic Scam Placing Humanity Under Slavery

"Our hearts break when we understand God’s lonely, desolate position, not surrounded by the environment that should have existed, accused by Satan, robbed of His rightful place." Sun Myung Moon, CSG p.133

In previous Reports we explain how the Satanic Illuminati bloodlines took over the world banks and enslaved all kings and governments. Once they took over England, they controlled the next generations of Royals and had breeding rights over the throne. The Crown Corporation was the registered legal way they ruled the world on behalf of Lucifer. See, HOW REAL AND EVIL IS SATANISM TODAY

The biggest scam the Lucifer worshiping Central Bankgsters created to enslave God's children: "Paying taxes on money you make, taxes on money you spend, and taxes on things you own, that you already paid taxes on, with already taxed money."

Due to the external debt, "each country is de facto owned by the IMF and the World Bank." Thus, in reality, your politicians are only showmen, obligated to follow the script they are given from these private bankers. The IRS was collecting taxes for US but registered in Puerto Rico. The money never went for your governments. 

You are traded as a stock: Average value of your birth certificate traded on the NY Stock Exchange is 19 million euros. So, if you live 110 years, you would be entitled to 172,727 euros for each year of your life. More than 14,000 euro per month for living expenses.

Video: Former IRS Agent explains: "You will be surprised that our taxes don't go for the benefit of the people - it goes to paying off to these families that own the private Banking Cartel."

But something changed for this satanic Cabal after 1999, when Lucifer repented and stopped giving them directions. The truth about the World Bank robbing the world finally couldn't be stopped from coming out. They lost the ability to print money. Internet became full with facts and proves about their criminal schemes. As Kim says, "everybody pretty much knows this is over.  

DP, The Last Days: "History has progressed to the point where God's side can now reclaim territories and wealth all over the world." Eschatology

The Khazarian Banking Mafia KM is trying to buy time 

In the 'Period of Struggle among Religions and Ideologies' (1648-1789) the Cain-type worldview was to surrender to the Abel-type worldview. In 1666 the Khazarian Jew, Sabbatai Zevi, proclaimed himself Jewish Messiah, followed by millions, openly teaching satanic practices as something good. They infiltrated the Communist movements and instigated the French Revolution and later the Communist Revolution. 

They are the once who established today's Israel, despite the fact that they have nothing to do with the genetic Jews. With their vicious, satanic manipulations they took over the world banks and enslaved all kings and governments. And once they took over England, they controlled the next generations of Royals. Thus, majority of royals today are groomed in Satanism from birth. 

The fourth group that contacted with Fulford was "the family" often referred to as the Rothschilds. This group is the European royal bloodline and includes the Saxe-Gotha family, the Rothschilds, the Habsburgs, and other European royal bloodlines. Scottish Rite Freemasonry eventually reported to this group. They also control the Committee of 300. Queen Elizabeth II was the leader of this group.

Now, Fulford warns us that, "The Rothschild Khazarian Banking Mafia KM is trying to buy time by promising all sorts of good things in 2025. At the same time we see them pushing New Age nonsense about some kind of photon belt or 5th dimensional ascension that will eliminate 90% of the population. Survivors will then receive "medical beds" and magical machines that will do everything, etc. In other words "please wait until we are able to kill you".  See, THE GREEN SCAM OF THE LUCIFER CULT

"The new totalitarian measures of EU aim to persecute those who produce food. It is being done under fraudulent pretexts of dealing with 'climate change', with 'reduction of CO2' and the like." THE REAL PURPOSE OF THIS LAW IS FAMINE, CONTROL AND DEATH

In France, the riots and chaos stopped after France abandoned its intention to leave NATO and called for a new "international taxation" in addition to the current taxes. Let's remember that Turkey was attacked with 300 earthquakes 2 days after announcing its desire to leave NATO and join BRICS.

The War between NATO and BRICS

The Principle explains that "The history of conflicts among nations has served the purpose of cutting off Satan's ties to humankind." Eschatology 

"NATO is an arms trade organization and they need wars and explosions to stay in business." Fulford

On the other hand, the BRICS nations are uniting in opposition to these Deep State structures. They reject the fake Fiat money of the Rothschild Central Banks. They want to set up their own payment system based on the gold standard. That's why the war in Ukraine is regarded as a war between NATO and BRICS. 

Last week Putin banned 5G throughout the Russian Federation and dismantled existing towers in 3 largest cities. "Monday 14 August on Putin's orders, Russian Armed Forces executed a roomful of Telecom executives for raising a new 5G tower."

Map of the BRICS expansion: Now 45 countries plan to join BRICS before the Summit in Johannesburg, South Africa. Thus, 85% of the world is ditching the fiat US Dollar. 

Following Reverend Moon's Idea

Father Moon spoke of precisely that idea. If several nations unite and establish their own Central Banks and remove the tariff, transiting to free trade, they would prosper and set an example for such a transition on a global level. He was clearly teaching them how to escape this slavery grip of the Satanic, Khazarian Central Banking System.

Rev. Moon was suggesting this process should start region by region; South America, Middle East, Asia. He particularly mentioned educating and having the support of Brazil for starting this process. No wonder the first letter "B" in BRICS stands for Brazil. 

Understandably, in trying to keep her control over issuing money, Kim says, this BRICS attempt will fail. She says, this is attempt of Satan's side to trick people into the China digital money. She says, "There is no money, no gold-backed currency, nobody got paid."

"The Great Reset has failed. BRICS will fail. After 15 August 2023, all governments, banks and corporations will be broke and collapse unless they agree to work with The Trust’s CARE system to finance the world." / Kim (2)

According to her, since they really failed to provide the money, despite their hacking attempts and satanic rituals, at the ongoing BRICS Meeting they had to declare that there will be no Gold-backed currency. That is a big disappointment for all those countries that were promised all kind of things, and instead are now bankrupt. 

Yet, even if this is a false promise for liberation, or if it fails, at least it shows that countries are recognizing that coming out of the Cabal Central Banking system is the way out of slavery. Even if Satan's side invades and uses tricks, that only shows that this wave already have started and is quickly growing, and no matter what they do, nothing can stop it. 

They Owned Everything Through Blackrock

And now Fulford says, "The defeated Zelensky signed contracts that handed over vast tracts of Ukraine, some of the most fertile agricultural land in the world, to BlackRock. Now that his faction has lost, many of these contracts will be null and void."

"They're Pretty Much Running Everything!" 88% of companies on the S&P 500 are managed by BlackRock, State Street, or Vanguard.

According to SGanon, "As far as BlackRock is concerned, a significant portion of their funding and their asset base was sized under 13848 in Nov. 2020. Getting them involved in a conspiracy with their actual hands now we are forcing them to come on paper, being directly involved in Rico crimes." 

Video discussing some of the recent military activity around the world. Countries gaining sovereignty. 

Ricardo Bossi's on the ongoing worldwide military training: 

"This is a highly sophisticated, synchronized, international (Combined) military operation. It's excellent, it's fantastic. Military all around the world working hand and glove... cleaning up Cabal."

"They have used regularly scheduled combined (meaning international) military exercises to conceal actual operations... (and) introduce troupes in our country from around the world... But in reality they conduct a life ops. They are arresting people, and front marching people off. Military Tribunals are being held." (30 min)

"We are winning this war, even though it may look that Cabal is still attacking, which they are," Nicole Morgan said, "but they are in survival mode, they are desperate." The Cabal owned companies, like Paramount, Warner Brothers, and their News Channels are loosing millions. People are waking up and boycotting businesses that promote the Transgender agenda, which in fact is a hidden pedophile satanic agenda. All their moves are counter attacked. 

However, I would doubt that. In fact, I think with these wars, raising prices etc. the Cabal is actually making more money than ever. So all this bankruptcy talk is just a part of the same old trick, bring everything down and buy it for pennies. 

Is this again only a process of shifting the money from the pockets of the Dragon Families into the pockets of the Black Sun Cult. From the right hand to the left hand of the Cabal structure. 

Not sure what good will come out of that for humanity. Good or bad, at least many layers of the Satanic Matrix are collapsing. The spiderweb is eating itself from inside. Or as the Divine Principle explains:

"In other words, although fallen human history began under the sovereignty of Satan, God's providence has brought about a progressive transformation of the hearts of people and has nurtured their original nature, which seeks goodness through religion, philosophy and ethics. This inner nurturing has inspired groups which seek a just rule to separate from the prevailing evil. This process of separation has culminated in the establishment of two opposing powers on the global level. These two sovereignties, with contrary purposes, can by no means peacefully coexist. As human history nears its consummation, they will surely arrive at the point of intersection, colliding internally in the realm of ideology. This inner conflict may spur them to fight external wars with military forces. At the conclusion of this conflict, Satan's sovereignty will perish forever and Heaven's sovereignty will be re-established as the one, eternal sovereignty of God." DP -The Last Days

So, we can view the external events in this Principle view: 

Video (Hawaii Fires): The Deep State wanted the island and with the fire killed any of the land owners who didn't want to sell (over 1000 missing). It was a coordinated attack. Police was ordered to block the people from escaping with their cars. 

A lot is goin on in Iraq and Syria right now, Kim said, orchestrated by the Jesuits and the Deep State. They brought more troops, ridiculously insane amount even for a normal war. Both groups are trying heavily to leverage inground assets. We are talking quadrillions in derogatives. 

"These crazy exercises probably coast them 55 - 65 million dollars a day," Kim said. But that will only bring the to bankrupt even more. 

After Lucifer Stepped Down

"Someone on behalf of God must be victorious over Satan… as a child of direct lineage, he must fight with the satanic world and win over it for God." Thus, "When God’s love, God’s life, and God’s lineage are established, Father Moon explained, “Satan will have to leave." THE TRUE MEANING OF THE MESSIAH

After Lucifer stepped down, his top demonic generals continued on their own. But now, 23 years later, their Satanic pyramid is collapsing. Everyone, the Coven Musters and above is gone, those below start presuming that without their muster they are now elevated to rule. And underneath of these new bosses you have the governments. This internal process of collapse explains the external events and the rushed extreme actions that expose them. 

Since they decided to crash the world financial system, all the governments were given false promises of different things. "They keep promising things that will not function," Kim says. They are so much down in the food chain, and they don't even know how these financial things work. Thus, a lot of governments are now starting to question their authority. 

On Monday, Kimberly explained, the operatives were waiting on the special phone lines to receive instructions and founding, but instead they watched on life stream how all their bosses (60 or 70 of them) where shot in front of their eyes. 

I explained previously that NOT THE PUPPETS YOU SEE, SCRIPT WRITER PULLS THE STRINGS. Now these puppet musters are being exposed and even eliminated. This must be result of the good spirit world cooperating with the earth.

Only when someone who can dominate Satan appears will the spiritual and physical worlds be liberated. CSG, 153

On Sunday July 30, Putin announced on Russian TV that the New World Order has collapsed. Putin claimed that "The new global world order has failed due to the awakening of people around the World, realizing the truth about the elite's plans." 

"Russia is now leading the countries towards a multipolar world order." Fulford

Video: Russia Release Damning 2,000 Page Report Proving COVID Was a Globalist Bioweapon. This Covid bio-war brought more devastation than WWII. 

The Deutsch Bank's entanglement with Epstein's dark connections and tis web of international ties, including, Estonian banks, is unraveling, as world courts launch far reaching investigation that could shatter the global Banking system. 

According to the Principle this process of cleansing is unavoidable:

"With the passage of time, the evil sovereignty slowly sinks to destruction while the good sovereignty gradually ascends on the path of prosperity. After these two sovereignties intersect near the end of history, the good sovereignty will remain as God's eternal Kingdom, while the evil sovereignty will perish in eternal darkness." DP -The Last Days

We don't know what will really come out of this FINANCIAL RESET & ENDING OF THE BANKING CARTEL? Yet, we recognize 2 facts; (1) In fighting each other the satanic structures are destroying themselves, (2) the truth about them is being exposed. So we have to ask, Isn't this a result of God's requesting Lucifer to dismantle his own evil network? 

"This system will not succeed, this is clear! This system is almost done. Of course, there are the last moments, and we have to have the courage, all of us, to say, 'No!"  Former UN Executive Director (15:10 min)

Now after, LUCIFER was FORCED TO REPENTED AND RETURN TO THE ORIGINAL CREATION, it's time for his minions to do the same.

"Without their shaking off Satan’s love, Satan’s life and Satan’s blood, and throwing them away, peace on earth cannot come." Father Moon, CSG 189

The Restoration of the Bloodline 

The Fall has resulted in a connection of blood that has nothing to do with God … we came to inherit the wrong bloodline. Sun Myung Moon, CSG, 171

What is the Fall? The devil, through the Fall, sowed the seeds of false love, false life and false lineage. People inherited love, life and the bloodline from their ancestors. All individuals are the fruit of the love, life and lineage that they inherited from their ancestors. This means that people have inherited Satan’s love, Satan’s life and Satan’s blood. They stand in the position of God’s enemy. Without their shaking offSatan’s love, Satan’s life and Satan’s blood, and throwing them away, peace on earth cannot come. CSG, 189

The Christians of today are adopted sons and daughters. Adopted children come from a different bloodline. 1256

They would want to be born through the bloodline of True Parents. That is why True Parents will become the starting point of a new future. 

Human beings, who were supposed to carry on the bloodline of God and be born as the direct descendants of God 

the fundamental problem lies in the lineage. Any problems related to the bloodline cannot be resolved by fallen human beings. That is why humankind needs the Messiah. 1262

True Parents Must Appear

"How can liberation be achieved? The spiritual and physical worlds will be unified and liberated only when someone emerges whom God has empowered to unify the satanic realm. Only when someone who can dominate Satan appears will the spiritual and physical worlds be liberated." Sun Myung Moon, CSG, p.153

The words True Parents that we use in the Unification Church are amazing. Whereas the false parents fell through satanic love, True Parents rise through God’s love.

True Parents must appear. What do True Parents have to do? They must rectify the tainted lineage that forms the root of the satanic world, turn the resulting deviated life around, and correctly reopen the path of love that has gone the wrong way. 187

the True Parents who must appear on this earth representing God’s will? They are the ones who must prevail over the satanic world in order to rule over all things; they are to destroy Satan who dominates the human world. 191

someone on behalf of God must be victorious over Satan… as a child of direct lineage, he must fight with the satanic world and win over it for God. 192

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