The War for Independence from the Ruling Bloodlines

The War for Independence from the Ruling Bloodlines

"It is an amazing fact that you can stand in the front line as a fighter for sake of the independence and deliverance of the nation.. When God sees this, how proud and content He will feel!" Sun Myung Moon

The people who came to first to America, they cam here to get away from the bloodline families that believe that they have the right to rule, just because their ancestors did it. These Black Nobility believe they are more than human and the rest of us are just here to be their servants; to be their slaves. 

Those who escaped here wanted to determine their own way of conducting their live. To have their own religious freedom. At some point people had have enough. People didn't want to pay taxes that go for the wars and mischiefs of those puppet musters. People wanted to invest for their own future, for their own children. The people who founded this country were very clear. They wanted that freedom. 

The problem was that those rulers couldn't let that go on. These hidden rulers had been fulling us to control us. They were sifting in infiltrators to try to manipulators to make us do it their way. Over and over and over again. (Juan O Savin

"The Fall has resulted in a connection of blood that has nothing to do with God or with the True Parents who were to be established as the ideal of creation. In other words, we came to inherit the wrong bloodline." Sun Myung Moon

These people are satan worshipers, who plot to rule us by deception. They wanted to establish their New World Order. They create false stars, false leaders with their false media. This is what Trump stood against. 
You get famous in Hollywood by making deals with the devil. You get to Congress and are reelected by making deals with the DS, CCP, and elites. The swamp was deep.
When Katy Perry was invited by Obama in the White House... gave a speech about human flesh be more nutritious than any other food. What is this all about? 

It's not Left and Right, it's about Good and Evil. It's about God or Satan. They want the whole planet subjugated under Satan's rule. So many organizations are pulling us, without our knowledge, to support their aim. See, HISTORY OF CANAANITE SATANISM

You see the intrusion of the government in every aspect of your life. Their network of spying. To hold us down and to enslave us. We have to get our country back from these monsters. See, GITMO prison ready

Information about the actions of the government in the shadow finally comes to the surface and anyone who is able to understand and accept it has the opportunity to get acquainted with many facts and documents confirming their inhuman plans. See, THE FORCES OF LIGHT OVER THE FORCES OF DARKNESS

As the Divine Principle explains, Satan, through the evil ancestors, works using evil people on earth. That's "Satan's Sovereignty." Meaning, his minions are everywhere. His structures are like an octopus, controlling the world. NOW FACTS COME ON HOW THEY DID IT. Good news, as DP says; Once Satan's ways are exposed, his structures will collapse.


God's Providence in Subjugating Satan

The Biblical history is describing the attempt to overthrow the Satanic control over this world. God had to raise people who cold stand up against the Satanic control dominating humanity as slaves. Took him thousands of years to find one family to start; expand it into tribe and nation in few hundred years period.

  • Abraham destroyed the Satanic idols and moved out after God's call
  • Moses led his descendants out of the Satanic culture of Egypt
  • Israelites fought against the Canaanite Satanist culture
  • Jesus was substantially to lead humanity of of it, but was killed before even marrying
  • Rev. Moon was asked by Jesus to end it by raising the Culture of True Families
  • Trump moved to physically arrest and destroy all pedophile Satanic practices

2000 BC - Tribal victory for God: Abraham was successful in moving out of the Satanic practices and creating tribe free of it. His son and grandson (Jacob) inherited and continued that tradition. 

Moses successfully started a nation educating it to resist these Satanic practices. He educated them, that the Snake Canaanites warship, making a sexual and ritual killing, is, in fact, Lucifer, who became Satan by seducing Eve sexually (to eat the fruit of knowledge). 

When 400 years later some Israelites accepted Satanic practices, the kingdom was divided (those who practice North, those who resist South). When the South was also invaded by practicing Satanism, God made them fall and exile. 

2000 yrs later - Jesus initiated world level of Separation from these Satanic practices. For this reason, the prepared nation was to accept him and through them, he was to educate the Roman Empire and liberate the world. Satan invested all his power to kill him and prevent that, but Jesus succeeded spiritually and promised Second Advent (3rd Adam, to finish this completely). 

2000 yrs later - Rev. Moon was called by Jesus. Same like Jesus was rejected by the Jewish priests at his time, Father Moon's warning was not followed by the Christian ministers in 1945-1952. So he promised to God that in 40 years he will raise the world foundation to Subjugate Satan, which he completed by 1985, when he already founded Washington Times and got many Christians to hear him. Communism had to collapse in few years. 

Thus 1992 he started the Completed Testament Age (7 years), blessed 400 million families - cutting them off from Satan's lineage. Based on that Lucifer had to step out in 1999. His power was no longer behind the evil Satanic structures on earth. (See, Lucifer Repented: Satan has returned to the original creation) Satanic evil structures on earth continued desperately, but the good was now free to also develop its foundation, which was completed by 2012. 

2012 - Cosmic lever of restoration started with Rev. Moon ascension. Began the spiritual shift towards the Golden Age. Spiritual awakening started in both, the physical and the spiritual world. In 7 yrs he united all religious founders in the extraterrestrial world and mobilized them to descend and transform the earth. Several nations were prepared to accept the Culture of Heart. 

The End of the Deep Satanic State

2016 the good forces, dedicated of removing the Satanic control, succeeded to elect Trump in power. After 3 years of successful court-cases and arrests, the stage was set up to arrest all top structures of the Satanic pyramid. See, The End of Satan's Corporation

2020 - Under the cover of Coronavirus started massive cleaning of all lower satanic structures; Banking, Big Corporations, WHO, Governments, Activists (like ANTIFA). You see how it goes systematically through the pyramid - top down. (See, Rev. Moon: The True Meaning of the Messiah) So next will be cleansing Media, Education and cleaning the Religions of the Satanic infiltration. In this regard the Vatican was cleaned, over 300 priests arrested, Pope resigned. 

IBC Airlines now has begun regular flights to GITMO and is now flying there 3 times a week. It appears that GITMO is preparing to receive some very High-Level Elites that may be tried for Treason. See, SYESTEM WAS CRACKED: COULDN'T FIX A BROKEN SYSTEM

However, we must understand that we are clearing millions and millions of years of cosmic darkness and we cannot expect results overnight. While externally Satanic sovereignty is collapsing, internally the Culture of Heart based on true families is expanding. The new world is emerging out of the old ashes. See, THE MODEL FOR THE IDEAL PEACEFUL WORLD

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