Why Angels are Called Aliens Today

Why Angels are Called Aliens Today

Dr. Lee said, there are more Angels than people will ever be. He also explained that they are numerous kinds. DP is clear, some of them are trying to subjugate us, while others are protecting us. The Bible is clarifying that they used flying objects. Dr. Grear confirms they are of other dimensions - meaning, Extracelestial. And according to the Book of Enoch, they have a way to appear in the physical dimension. So the whole trick is in how you call them? Aliens or Angels!

The real problem in the use of today's term, 'Aliens', is when people don't understand the spiritual world. Of course, you can claim that Angels are out of Earth, so they are Aliens. But when you say they are extraterrestrial (of another dimension) should be clear for everyone that they are actually spiritual beings. The Bible is full with evidence that spiritual beings were coming and interacting with us physically.

When the Bible says that they came and had sex with women, it also clarifies that they tempered with our genetic code - producing the giants, who governed humanity before the Flood Judgment. And wasn't that the Fall? Fallen Angels tried to subjugate humans, and use their bodies as their vehicles. Even produced genetic mutations, more suitable to use as their avatar.

When Austin Steinbart, of the Space Force, was asked, "Are there other civilizations in the Cosmos?" He answered, "The extracelestials that I'm aware of at the moment, are things that originated from the earth and diverged into a separate evolutionary track in the future." And surely, he has all the inside information on the matter.

Have in mind that humanity's civilization came to destruction numerous times in the past, after reaching very high technological development. People could freely fly to other planets, adapt and change.

That basically confirms the Bible's references to Angels producing some hybrid offspring of humanoids without consciousness, used by the fallen angels to dominate the human race. But I'm sure, soon more facts on the matter will become known. Like, are there really such hybrids among us, in underground facilities, on the Moon and Mars? The truth will come, we don't have to speculate about it.

WHAT DID REV. MOON ASNWER ABOUT ALIENSExtraterrestrial Spiritual Interdenominational Angelic Beings

Once they asked Father if Aliens exist. He answered, "Read the Principle, everything is there." And of course, the principle talks a lot about the spiritual beings. The good ones that protect us, and the bad ones that have enslaved us from the beginning of human history. And Father said, there are millions of different such, so-called, Angels. Dr. Lee sais their number is much bigger than humanity will ever be, summing all the generations that ever existed and will ever exist.

Experts, like Steven Greer, who saw them are very specific, though they may appear physically, they are actually extraterrestrial - meaning of other, spiritual dimension. They warn us of few points:

1. The idea of UFOs is pushed to cover up existing secret technology (man-made)
2. For this reason, many fake stories were made, to pretend it is Alien
3. US 

Space Force reported some real encounters, but they realized that they are actually visiting from the future, meaning, what we see is actually 'Time-machines'.
4. Bible and witnesses talk of genetic mutations, guided by the fallen angels, to create better humanoid vehicles for themselves (the most recent ones are cyborgs)
5. Spirits (which are other-dimensional) were always influencing and invading our bodies

So can you see the Unification view on all these? Easy, just unite all these views and create the complete picture. Then see it through the Divine Principle lens, and all becomes clear, because you'll see the connections; Aliens are Extraterrestrial Spiritual Interdenominational Angelic Beings, that always have been with humanity, from the beginning of time. Read, How Alien Spiritual Civilizations Dominated Humanity after the Human Fall.

Lean now Satan controlled humanity through his lineage elite on earth
US Space Force are now saying, they will disclose 6000 secret technologies

People start to forget, that the original meaning of Extraterrestrial includes astral, celestial, cosmic, spiritual, heavenly. And as Steven Greer said, the real Aliens are Extraterrestrial, if they are just 3 dimensional, they are not real. In his encounters Aliens materialize and dematerialise. This means they are spiritual. Just as Jesus appeared through the lock door and disappeared later. And we know from the Bible and the Principle, that people were able to substantially interact with Angels and spirits.

Whatever it is, time will show. But let's remember. We know the Principle, we can understand better than anyone. We know there are numerous spirits in our bodies, influencing us. So it's not that simple as time to time seeing some alien. They are spirits, they are around us and in us. And those whose spirit is not developed are easily obsessed and used by fallen angels. Satanists do specific sexual rituals and murders to be obsessed by such demons and thus gain power. But in fact, that's how their own spirit dies and their corps become a vehicle of those Satans.

So once again. Father is right. Read the Divine Principle carefully. All is in there. The point is, once we start seeing the spirit world, they are completely real to us. Not knowing the Principle it is easy to conclude, that this is another 3-dimensional species. Father clearly said, now the time of unity of both worlds is coming, so this phenomenon will happen.

Remember Geneses 6:6 Angels came physically and had sexual relationships with women. From these unprincipled relationships the giants were born, that controlled the world with evil. Few places the New Testament refers to this events, pointing that the Fall of the Angels was sexual.

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