What did the Council of Nicaea add or remove

Did the council of Nicaea add or remove anything that should have/haven't been?

Ezra brought up this interesting discussion. Here are some of my comments on that issue. 

The Councils focused so extremely on Jesus' essence theologically, instead of paying attention on how we can reach that state. The way they focused on that issue only blocked the way to understand and achieve that in our own lives. Instead, their empty philosophizing made Christianity dysfunctional, endlessly fighting each other about this. 

Wasn't the CONCEPT of SALVATION changed by these Councils? From being restored to our original position of sinless, united with God in our hearts... to the Satanic concept, that we stay sinful, but not worry, because we are 'Saved'. 

For few hundred years the corrupt Councils were fighting against the first concept - which is what Saved means/ Restored to Original / where Satan and evil cannot work through you / Temple of God. 

To establish a nation under God... first you need INDIVIDUALS united with God, (2) FAMILIES were God's love is expressed, (3) SOCIETY and only then the NATIONS and the WORLD will be restored under God. 

Instead Satan made us fight over the letter. Paralyzed in our sinful, ignorant understanding inspired by his satanic demons in our hearts. Beating each other over who is more 'saved'. Not realizing, we are under Evil control. Ignorance! 

TRINITY - is not a wrong concept. But it is used even up till today by Churches to accuse other Christians of not believing the real god / Their god. What is the use if you intellectually know something true, but your life and actions are evil? Who is your Muster? 

What did the Council change? Is Jesus God himself, or is Jesus the first human who became one with God? If he is the first to open the way to Perfection, those who follow his way can also reach that state - overcome / subjugate Satan. When all people reach that state, Satan will have no ground to work. But if God is sinless and no human reached that state, we stay under Satan's dominion. If that's the case Humanity will continue to live in Hell. 

The Fall was committed by Humans. Only human can restore that. God didn't commit the Fall. He cannot interfere with our free will. He cannot do it instead of us. 

Most of the PROGRAMING conditioning Christians to fight each other over insignificant issues was done by the first Councils. Ever since Christians are dysfunctional fighting each other, instead of doing God's Will... and making a better world of goodness, peace and harmony. 

Did God leave his creation to enter just one man? Or is God in every creation and every human being? If God comes and dies, what the Hell that saves? Purpose was man, without God's help to reach perfection himself, to win over angels himself - thus coalifying as the Lord of the Creation! If God makes it instead of him, the man is just a robot. That's the opposite of perfection... to achieve it yourself, fulfill your responsibility. Even Jesus had to be left by God, to win over Satan himself. So why are you talking about God? Bible says, Jesus was born lower than the angels but grew spiritually to surpass them. God was guiding him, but God left him each time when he had to overcome Satan's temptations. 

 Adam was God's sinless child - and was Spiritually killed by Lucifer. Jesus came as second Adam (to fulfill what Adam couldn't) and was this time killed physically. That's repetition of the Fall. Stabbing God's heart again. Spiritual victory was achieve, but Substantial victory was not. His spirit opened the realm of Paradise, but his body was taken (Earth was not freed). That's why God's Kingdom still not realized. Still the world is Hell. And that's why Second Coming is needed. Bible says so! But Christians prefer to be blind / Selfishly biting themselves in their chest to be Saved. Really! Read what Jesus said about the Pharisee who did that. 

Read what you are saying: God cannot but God (Jesus) can... The way the Councils focused on insignificant theological stupidities, instead of practical application of Jesus' teachings, made Christianity brainwashed with BS. Time to shake it off. 

Yes, perfect individual, according to God's original creation, means his spirit matures to dominate the body. This is not intellectual learning, it's a practical state. Once mind and body unite centered on God, the individual becomes God's Temple, One with God, with Divine Nature - just like Jesus. At that moment you can say that he is Saved. In that state he can feel God's Heart and Will as his own.  

Many of the comments here prove that point perfectly :) 

Can moral standards not be an issue? Cannot build a good society with evil practices. Even if you have a perfect society - introduce Free SEX and HOMO and PEDO... it will take less than 3 generations to be degraded to Hellish state. 

Family is the SCHOOL OF LOVE, where child's conscience is formed. Free SEX and HOMO and PEDO destroy that. No foundation for God's ideal is left. 

To understand Trinity you have to understand Jesus' question about "How to be born again." You need father and mother to give you birth. Adam and Eve united with Lucifer - gave birth to Sinful children. Only a Father (new Adam) and Mother free of this can give birth to lineage connected to God. The Councils didn't understand that idea. Do Christians today? 

Add to God is in your heart, "Be perfect as Heavenly Father is perfect", "don't you know that you are Temples of God," and "his Law will be written in your hearts" (Not in a book, so don't argue for the letter for you'll kill each other, he said), We are the ones to substantiate the Word... we should also fulfill "The Words became flesh" in our own lives. And as Jesus said, he is the first, but we will become greater than him. Did we? Did Christians strive for that? Or satanic BS infiltrated Christianity and made it strive endlessly against it's original purpose? Mostly against each other. 

People Wake up: Spiritual growth is all about your hearts: Perfecting your love in your family (Children's love, Sibling's love, Conjugal love, Parental love). And your heart grows when you live more for the sake of others, not selfishly. Who the hell cares about the stupid enlightenment. I want to live in a loving family and loving society where God dwells and expresses freely in our relationships. 

Comment: Thank you for all your comments on this post! Rings very true to my heart. This is how I understand God, bible, free will, love, soul, truth, freedom. And the arguing and social posturing that people do in the name of God, is truly for the birds! The Jesus part was an interesting concept tho… it would explain why they twisted things so that we will limit ourselves from attaining unity and resurrection, like Jesus taught us to attain. He said we are all one. He is in the father, we are in Him, He is in us, the kingdom of God is within, etc etc. Bible book of John, etc.  Anyway, I enjoyed your comments. Will re-read and contemplate. Have a nice day

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