What are you giving attention and helping to grow

What you give your attention is what you are helping to grow

CIG News / Feb. 2023

Where you focus your heart and give your attention is very important. What are you giving attention is what you are helping to grow. What are you focusing upon? That's what ultimately getting generated, getting created and growing. See, TAKE THE STANDPOINT OF GOD IN LOVING OTHERS

Doesn't mean you don't see the bad things. Can you keep your focus on love and the final goal while resolving the problems? Ignoring them means you are feeding Ignorance. By ignoring the negative you are insuring that more of it occurs. You are fueling it by ignorance, insuring it spreads. People don't care what's happening, thus it is impossible to change the direction of the energy. But keep your heart pure and focused. They should not hinder your final direction towards the ideal.

Ignorance: They don't care about the Truth. They don't care where the world is going. They don't care for God's Will. 

In a way it's true. Avoiding the negatives means you don't care. Demons trap you in fear, not to go there. Clean up the dark to make the room for the light to come in. But the danger is that focusing on the problems you can become overtaken by lower frequencies and feelings. To overcome that your heart should be really connected to God's love. Your spirit should be strong not to revert to blame and resentment. 

The best example is with energy healing. You focus on the problem, focus on the pain, to connect with that energy, but then you melt it with the higher frequency of love. The area that was suffering gets healed. The original harmony is restored. But neglecting the signals of your body, and doing nothing, will only allow it to grow and grow, until it is too late. 

Remember, Satan expands his evil while we are not paying attention

Yes, truth can be very painful, but it is the only way to salvation

The War Within Us

There are many problems in the world to worry about. But Father Moon told leaders, "Don't worry of this, God has plan. Instead, he explains:

"How can you be afraid of global wars, when there is an inescapable battle between two massive powers being fought within you? This battle is being fought tens to hundreds of times every day from morning to night. It becomes a problem if you say even one word wrong. What can you blame? Who can you accuse then?" Sun Myung Moon

You have to care enough to want to know, to develop the knowledge of the Truth. Then you have to act on it. Put it into practice. Apply it, so that you can develop spiritually. You have to Care, Know and Act (Emotion, Intellect, Will). What we care about determines what we think in the day and what we do. 

What we care to put our will behind? And the Principle explains the main purpose in life; (1) develop our heart, (2) perfect the four realms of love in our family, and (3) expand that love to the world and creation. Meaning, we also should care about the worlds future and God's Will. 

The Global War

But how to see God's will and not be taken down by the world problems. There is so much corruption. So many evil ideologies that we have to deal with. How to have the strong spirit to overcome them, expose them (as Father Moon did with Victory Over Communism), and present contra proposal, actual solution, based on the Principle. See, THE TRUE MEANING OF THE MESSIAH

We know that mostly all politicians are psychopaths, only pretending to have empathy. But still, presidents in the spirit world that work with Father Moon have to descend and work through them to bring down this vast satanic network of control.  See, TEN YEARS AFTER FATHER TOOK OVER THE SPIRIT WORLD

"Their programing is designed to take advantage of our human capability to feel, to empathize, and to be passionate about something. We are braking what is over hundred years of mind control programing." SG

After Thailand's princess collapsed in coma from the vaccines, now high level officials say this can become the first country to nullify the contract with Pfizer. The billions of dollars have to be returned to the nations to compensate the victims. (32:07 min

A sister from Ireland died in her sleep. Do we care to know why people suddenly die? Young, healthy, strong people? Do we care to know?

The Cabal and the Deep State DS

BG-Times: "If you haven't figured it out yet, the World Economic Forum are sociopathic criminals, extremely dangerous people for humanity, capable of anything that can make life on Earth hell. Worst of all, all of this is masked behind a disgustingly sleazy façade of empathy and care for the Earth and its people, which they call crisis management."

"Criminals always get drunk on their criminal successes. And how can there not be optimism in Davos, since there are 12 percent who use, drain, consume and absorb the energy of the remaining 88 percent of humanity! And the people rejoice - These are the saviors..."

We see transgender, change of sex and pedophilia pushed on our children. Pushed in the schools. Ignorance of how and why the global elite are pushing that will not help us win ideologically. Now the Satanic agendas of the Cabal and the Deep State are coming out. But some close their eyes and turn their face, saying, "That's too much, I don't want to know." That means, running away from the painful truth because of their selfish reasons - not to feel pain. 

Using Chaos and War for Profit

We cannot be naïve to the Deep State (DS) vindictiveness and determination to survive at all costs, they have an incredibly strong instinct to destroy everything around them in the pursuit of their survival. The DS will do their best to throw the world into chaos. They use all their power to abolish family and morality. Can we turn away and do nothing? 

"US and Russia are hand in hand with Ukraine and Israel. This is all fake, it's all a script, in order to bring the world into chaos, making excuse for economic collapse, and for a great reset." Josh Sigurdson

Concerning Ukraine, can we in our ignorance support the Cabal's evil agenda? The Khazarian Banking Mafia always worked behind both sides of a war, to expand their profits, kill as many as possible, take control of the land and the resources. You think Russia is the problem? See the whole picture: 

BG-Times: We all know by now that Zelensky have sold Ukraine to BlackRock, the arm of the global corporate oligarchy. The earth, the people, everything will be handed over to the globalists. 

The White Knights

This is the term used for the legal team that successfully won many court cases against the high levels of corruption. Many of them gave their lives, but they fought legally to change the system. Please see the documentary of their work. Here is the real fight. Watch from 54 min to the end.

The White Knights are the ones insisting on removing income tex. They succeeded to prove in court that Taxation is illegal and IRS is a private, foregone corporation. The problem was, Deep State structures neglected court rulings and protected the Cabal Corporation. 

Kim of the Global Repository

After in 1999 Lucifer left the position of leading them, his structures on earth went into internal chaos. Some of the top figures, receiving Lucifer's directions, were replaced. Kim Goguen took over that position, claiming she now works under God, "The Source". But the lower structures didn't follow her directions as they followed the previous Dark Musters. Consequently, the Enforcement of the Global Repository eliminated many of the intermediary levels between them and the low level operatives. UNN last report said:

"Only 6 of the Die-Hard Deep State Generals still remain. Most of the others walked away, because they saw the Plan was an epic failure. These are the people ordering around your governments and running the Main Stream Media." UNN News

Is Kim really on God's side? She is divorced, and says she needs no husband. Recently she said homosexuals can use artificial wombs to have children. She said 'Source' created good and evil, to have balance between them. She offered such balance to the bad guys, to either rule the Earth together with mutual benefits, or exchange for a periods of time. (Her words) Insane! So it seems, she is under the control of the same evil AI that controlled the earth for thousands of years, just trying to retain its power. 

But, could it be, that Lucifer is using her to dismantle the evil network he created, expanded and sophisticated for his thousands of years of reign. At least, that's what God asked him to do, before expecting forgiveness, Dr. Lee explained in a message from the Spirit World. 

Her reports give light on how the control levels from Lucifer down to the Banking Mafia, Secret Service and Military, were structured and worked. How all these levels of control were gradually removed in the last 10-20 years. How from top and from bottom, these structures are now fighting for who has control to give allocations for new money. And recently, how good scientists joined forces with Global Repository to mass produce incredible new technologies that will immensely benefit human life. See, NIKOLA TESLA: THE WORLD IS ON THE EVE OF AN ASTONISHING REVOLUTION

The WH Military Alliance

Still not sure if we can trust them, but at least the White Hat Military Alliance exposes these problems and claims to be working to end that evil. Yes, they can be another controlled opposition, yet we have no chance but to believe that such good people exist. 

SG talks about purging events held by the White Hat Alliance. Recently we saw a water treatment plant that makes the chemicals which are used to treat commercial water supplies being burned all the way to the ground. It was producing tremendous amount of poison that was goin into our system. And now is not capable of doing that. Many of the food production factories were also attacked. Especially those producing meat for McDonald's. (Video: Storing food underground. Created Food Shortages. Airplanes fell on food production plants)

"We are in a very accelerating part of the war, SG said. They are exposing themselves left and right. We have infiltrated key positions and taken over certain arenas... where the control is emanating from. We are draining them of what they have financially. We are destroying their military equipment all over the world. We are decapitating their cartel and mercenary network. We are infiltrating governments and have governments that are beginning to defect, turning on the Deep State Cabal. We are winning in such enormous fashion. But we are going to be led out of this information Matrix, that was keeping us under control."

This sounds too good to be true. They sound like they understand the real ideological and social problems. They understand what has to be solved. Yet, it's small probability for such people to have reached enough foundation, technology and power to awake structures of society and effectively work and overcome the Cabal. At least it gives us hope that they are good.

Or not? Why did this Military Operation release the deadly Vaccines? Why they openly work to rise prices and scare people? Why all Cabal plans continue with full power? Even more aggressively than before. 

The Secret Space Force

Richard Dolan in his studies of the UFO myth came to the conclusion that an elite group with access to high technology and secret knowledge has followed it's own path of development independent of the rest of humanity. This allowed a parallel civilization to establish itself on earth that we know little about today. 

According to his findings, they probably live in huge underground bases. They are founded by black budgets. The visible part of it is called the Deep State but their structures go much deeper. They keep much of their knowledge secret and much of their work is to keep the rest of the world ignorant. 

This clandestine group possesses technology that is vastly superior to that of the main stream world. And they have a significant of greet infrastructure built partially underground. That affords them a high degree of secrecy and independence of action. They are the Secret Space Force SSP. 

The presented idea is that fraction of them decided to do Disclosure of some secret technologies for the benefit of humanity. Thus US Space Force was created. And they have the vision to completely transform the paradigms of production, economy, politics and medicine. 

What we should focus upon

Yes, the talk about the removal of the Satanic control on humanity sounds optimistic. But at the same time, exposed evil and corruption are so scary and painful to know about. Can we swallow the pain of knowing the truth of what Satan did, and how he works in the world, and yet have the strength to do God's Will? Most people don't have that strength. And may be, that's the psy-op, to paralyze humanity in fear. 

What is the other option? Yes, it is better to just keep the focus on our mission, witnessing and expanding God's foundation. And I see nations where our Peace Movement keeps that focus and is very active. Members in these nations are very vibrant and full with God's spirit. They don't need that info deviation. Or not!

Not Care to Know, Can be Assistance in Crime

May be they do need to know / see this video - knowing can save your life / and Leaders preventing us to share and know, and not informing the members, could be assistance in genocide: 

Why the Focus on Witnessing is Gone in UK

On the other side, in Western European countries mostly this focus on Witnessing is gone. All the leaders in UK tell me that 'full time membership is over', 'that's why we had problems in the past,' 'our buildings are not for witnessing, but for renting out to make money.' But then, this money are not directed for witnessing and development. So how can God bless this external attitude? 

I ask them, "If we have to quickly restore the world, how can we do it, when you don't invest in witnessing, don't allow the buildings to be used for that, don't have any plan and thought in that direction? Impossible! This is crime against God. 

So here comes the need to know how Satan works. Ignorance will lead us to ruins. On individual level, leaders can loose the focus on God's Will and be more preoccupied with preserving their own salary and personal comfort. But there is even bigger problem. Satanic secret organizations were infiltrating any church, faith and organization in history. Those who originally started with very good and noble motives, with the time were led by Cabal implants, so the top levels started practicing Satanism. And I see that happening already in some countries. 

Push for witnessing and deeper Principle education. If the leaders are those who object that and bring argumentations to block you, you know that something is very wrong. And in UK it is! If some outside leader is not brought soon to brake this, like Dr. Young in US, soon will be too late. 

UK Leaders say we cannot have even few Missionaries doing witnessing in our buildings, because neighbors will complain. This is a total manipulative lie. We have events with hundreds of people, so how can few people be a problem. It only shows that they spend lots of time thinking what arguments to bring to block Witnessing. 

So, who is resurrecting through these Leaders? Saints, evil ancestors, or someone else? England was for 400 years under Masonic control. This control was deeply infiltrated in the Christian Churches and now is creeping in our UK Movement. That's why everything is so paralyzed. That's why they are so closed and reserved. They now openly appoint Masonic leaders to be our leaders. When do we wake up? 

Another benefit of knowing how Satan and the Cabal worked in the history, is that when we work with VIP leaders, we can recognize those who are sincerely aligned with God's Will, and focus on working with them. 

Most extreme example is that over 2000 athletes are gone due to this Experimental Injections, yet our Leaders gave special reward to the creators of this killing substance. How far wrong ignorance can lead?

Many members feel deep pain and disappointment to see VIPs that are involved with something antihuman, like the Vaccines, be praised and awarded because of ignorance. (Why are some so lazy to check the content of these toxic injections, and the millions of horrible side effects caused by them?). Again, such ignorance will only bring us to ruins. That's not God's Will. 

"Dr. Bola, the top man Pfizer found guilty in the UK courts for lying of what happens with the jabs to children. Withholding evidence. It should be all over the media. But Pfizer pays their wages." Charlie Wards

It's unavoidable. The world will wake up to the truth.  


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